10 Tricks for New Youtubers in 2019

Youtube is like the most favorite way to make money online and everyone tries it once. But do you know that most people fail on Youtube? But why? This is because they don’t know the exact method that they should follow. Here we are with 10 tricks for new YouTubers that they should try to grow their youtube channel quickly.

It is easy to grow Youtube Channel but you should know the right path to do it. And, if you are here reading this, you already chose a path for your successful Youtube career. These are tricks for new YouTubers that will work fine for you to get views and subscribers in the initial phase.

100% Working Tricks for New YouTubers 2019

youtube community guidelines new policy 2019

1. Title

Your Title is the most important part of your video because this is how people are going to search for your video. Now, you have to keep in mind What is the central idea of your video? Does your title reflect what you are saying in the video? If your title is attractive enough people are going to watch your videos and it helps in ranking in search results. Keep in mind that:

  • You use a short Title
  • Your Title reflects Keywords
  • It shall not mislead viewers
  • It is searchable

2. Description

After Title, Description plays another important role in your video. Try to write as long as possible. This works as a tool to measure keyword density and helps in ranking. The best way is to write a short blog about your video including the keywords. Here you can do a trick by copy-pasting the blog from Google search. Make sure that you include keywords in your description.

3. Tags

Youtube’s algorithm identifies your video by its tags. You have to be very careful while putting the tags on your videos. Tags shall represent the content of your video as this will help you in ranking. Do keyword research, find keywords that are related to your topic and put them as tags. You should also include these tags in Title and description of your video. Do not use more than ten tags as this will spam your video. Make it a habit of putting 5 tags relevant to your video and 2-3 mistaken tags like spelling mistakes.

4. Thumbnail

Thumbnail comes first before your video and if someone finds your thumbnail attractive then only he/she is going to click on your video. Firstly use a High-Resolution Thumbnail and it shall be eye catchy. It should represent your video be such attractive that whoever sees it shall click on the video. Most people try to do Clickbait Thumbnails which is fair but to a certain extent only.

5. Watch Time

Initially, when you upload a video, Youtube puts it in the search results if you have used proper Title, Description, and tags. But then after 12-24 hours, it all depends on the Watch Time that your video gets. If you have a Clickable Thumbnail, people are going to click on your video but they watch only if it is relevant and watchable. So, all you have to do is put your efforts in your content because that is what matters.

6. Trending vs Evergreen

This is the most asked question whether to make videos on trending topics or ever green content. It is quite Controversial to talk about but if you are a beginner the ideal way is to make Evergreen Content first. This is because you don’t have an audience initially and if you are able to rank your content this will generate views. And, meanwhile, you can try trending topics which can make your videos viral if you get a huge audience all of a sudden you will need to have some content to retain that audience.

7. Keywords Research

Now, the question is why you should do keyword research? Well, this is important because you have a very limited audience and the only way you can get viewers is by search results. So, you will have to use proper tags, title and description to be ranked in the search result. There are a few free tools for keyword research like Google’s Keyword Planner, Keywords Everywhere Chrome Extension, Keyword Shitter, Ubersugest etc.

8. Consistency

Consistency is the key because it does not matter how good videos you make but how regular you make is more important. People start making videos and after a few videos they are like now I can’t make videos as my Channel is not growing. This matters the most because Youtube considers your content regularity and if you are consistently uploading videos there are greater chances to grow your channel faster. We are not asking you to upload daily video but consistency in terms of regular intervals.

9. Content Engagement

No one wants to watch boring videos and this is the part where you can work on. Try to make your content as engaging as possible to get more watch time and views. Ask your viewers to Like or Dislike your video depending upon their preferences. It does not matter if you get more dislikes than likes because you are getting some sort of engagement. Give a question to which your audience can answer on in the form of comments.

10. Social Shares

Social shares are also quite important. Firstly, you directly get views because if someone shares your video, it increases its reach and there are chances that you get more views. But more important thing is that it helps in the video ranking in Google searches and Youtube searches too. Always ask your viewers to share the video with friends and family. Most people are likely to share the video but they don’t care but if you remind them they are going to do it.

These are some tricks for new Youtubers that can generate you huge traffic in intial stages of your Youtube career. First thing is to focus on your content and then the SEO part. This includes Keyword Research, Title, Tags and Description of the video. Also, do not forget the importance of Thumbnail and always ask for engagement in the form of Likes, Shares, and Comments.

What are your tricks as a Youtuber in 2019?

What is MicroBlogging? Make $500 a month easily

By now, we all are familiar with Blogging and how people make money with it. But there is something called MicroBlogging you may not be aware of. So, here we are with a plan to make money online with MicroBlogging.

Firstly the question is what is MicroBlogging? And how it is different from Blogging? So, let us first address the basic question of What is MicroBlogging?

What is MicroBlogging?

As the name suggests, MicroBlogging is a micro part of Blogging. Basically, let us consider a niche in Blogging. For example, Fashion is a niche for Blogging but there are multiple categories within fashion. So, if you are writing about Fashion you are attracting a general audience who want to know about fashion. but suppose you choose a sub-niche or the micro niche within fashion say hairstyling, you are more likely to get ranked on Google. The first thing is that you will have a less audience but they are all who want to know about hairstyling.

So, MicroBlogging is a very small micro niche with a  very limited audience but the audience is highly convertible.


It is very difficult to grow a blog in 2019 but you can grow a Microblog easily. So, if you start a Blog you target everyone who is looking for that particular niche and there are tonnes of Blog already existing in the same niche. But if you target a limited audience only with a micro niche say you write about men canvas shoes only instead of writing of Men Shoes. This will generate a limited audience only but you can make huge money with Affiliate Marketing. This is possible because the audience base that you will build is very likely to understand what you are saying them through your Blog. And, they want to know about that niche that is why they are here.

How to Start MicroBlogging?

Now, you understand what is MicroBlogging and you want to start making money with MicroBlogging. This is a plan to make $500 every month very easily. 


Here is the step by step guide to making Money with MicroBlogging:

Select a Micro Niche

In order to start a MicroBlog, you need a Micro Niche first. This is the most important part because this is all you are going to write about. To select a niche do some keyword research and find out how much audience you can build. You can use Google’s Keyword Planner or Niel Patel‘s Ubersuggest.org to know the competition and search volume in your niche. If there are at least 1000 monthly searches about the niche you are selecting, it’s well and good. Also, keep in mind that you can write at least 100 posts in your niche. Because there are micro niches where you fall short of topics to write on.

Build a Micro Niche Blog

Now you have your micro niche and you are ready to start a Blog. So what are you waiting for? Just start the Blog and writing posts. How to start a Blog? We have already covered this topic to start a Blog and make money with Blogging. You will need a Domain name, Hosting, and make a website. Post at least 25 posts first and then apply for Google AdSense.

Ways to Monetize your Blog

Firstly you have the Google Adsense to monetize your MicroBlog but the most important and the easiest way here is Affiliate Marketing. How? Well! you have a MicroBlog where the audience is very keen about the niche and they will buy whatever you suggest them. The conversion rate is very high and you are most likely to make money with Affiliate Links. Then you have your regular methods like Sponsored Content and selling the Ad space and there are 8 Different ways to make money with Blogging.


MicroBlogging is easy because this is the new trend in Blogging which is growing rapidly as Google is trying to rank posts that are niche based. And MicroBlogging is a microniche which can generate traffic that is eager to know about a topic. All you have to do is find out a micro niche with low competition and work for it. Once you put up enough content you are automatically going to rank on Google and get traffic.

All we can say is it is more advised to start MicroBlogging than Blogging in this competitive world.

What is your plan to make money with “MicroBlogging in 2019“?

SEO for Beginners: How to Rank on Google in 2019

Since you have created a Blog and posted a lot of content on the website but you are not getting visitors on your site. This is because your website is not ranking on Google. Here we are with the beginners guide for SEO i.e. Search Engine Optimizations. This will help you rank number one on Google and generate huge traffic to your Blog.

It is easy to create a website and post content thereon. But it is much more difficult to generate traffic. There are people who write only one post a week or even less and generating more traffic than you get by writing 3-4 posts daily. This is because they know how to rank on Google and get web traffic. If you learn SEO you can focus more on promoting your content and generate traffic to your website. Well! Don’t worry, we are here to help you how to rank on Google? But this is just the beginners’ guide for SEO in 2019.

What is SEO?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization and as the name suggests it means optimizing for Search Engine. Google, Bing, and Yahoo are some of the popular search engines. Let us understand this with an example. Suppose you search for “Best Laptop under 50000”, Google shows you some results and you click on the first or second link. This is because the creator has optimized his content for this keyword that is why you are seeing such a result. In simple terms, SEO is getting listed in the top on a Search engine for a particular keyword. If you rank on the first page or in the first five results, people are more likely to visit your Blog.

How to Rank on Google?

If you follow these simple tricks you will be able to rank number one on Google. These are some tried and tested methods that actually work. In order to rank on Google, you need to follow these methods:

SSL Certification

rank on google

If you are looking for a website, you prefer a website that is more secure, the same goes for even your website. Everyone wants to visit a secure website and Google also wants to list a website which is secured. You can make your website secure by activating SSL certificate on your site. You will get SSL  with your hosting plan. Some hosting providers like Bluehost provide SSL for free with their annual plans. If you are looking to buy a hosting plan you can opt for Bluehost and if you are not able to buy an SSL certificate. Don’t worry there is a website called Cloudflare from where you can get SSL for free on your website. This will convert your website into HTTPS.

Mobile Friendly

rank on google

Nowadays, seventy percent of the data is consumed from Mobile. People search from their mobile phones because they are on the go and everyone has their phones all the time. If you search from Mobile Google shows you the results that are mobile friendly. To make your website Mobile Friendly, you can install a plugin called AMP. Basically, AMP stands for Accelerated Mobile Pages and Google shows only AMP sites when searched from a phone. So, make sure that you have AMP enabled on your site.


Sitemaps are the XML maps of your website. This is just a kind of map of your website and web pages on the site. Firstly, you have to create a sitemap for your site and submit it to Google Webmaster. This helps you in ranking your website because Google knows the content that you are publishing. To create Sitemaps, you can use Google XML plugin and submit it to Webmaster. It is advised to create a dedicated Sitemap Page and post your sitemaps their too.

Keyword Research

rank on google

It is easy to rank on Google but to rank, you need the right keywords that are searched. It is possible that your website is ranking but still you are not getting traffic. This is because the keywords you are ranked on are not being searched. To find a keyword with high search volume and low competition you can install a Chrome Extension Keywords Everywhere that shows you Search Volume and Competition. There are a lot of free keyword tools like Keyword Shitter, Keyword Everywhere, Google Keyword Planner, Ubersuggest etc.

Page Load Time

Who wants to visit a slow loading website? Google ranks a website that is fast loading. Suppose the website ranking on number one has more load time than number two, Google is more likely to rank it number one. You can check your site’s page load time in Pingdom. To reduce the load time use an AMP Plugin, fast hosting service, Optimized Images, minify CSS etc.

Long Tail Keywords

Now you know that you need keywords with high search volume and low competition but still, you may not be able to rank. This is because if a website with higher authority posts the same content, they will rank high. Now, the easy way is to rank for Long Tail keywords. For example, it is difficult to rank for the keyword “BEST MOBILE PHONES” but there are chances that you can rank for “BEST MOBILE PHONES UNDER 15000 RUPEES IN INDIA IN 2019” This is an example of a Long tail keyword. This will help you rank better on search results.

Social Shares

One more factor that Google Considers in ranking your posts is how many people are sharing your content socially. Here, people take Facebook as an example of Social Media but it is not limited to Facebook Only. Make it a common practice to share your posts on every platform like Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Google Plus, Reddit, Quora, Pinterest etc. You can ask others to share your posts on their profile. This will help you rank better

Link Building

rank on google

Everyone says CONTENT IS THE KING but Link Building is the Queen there. It is the process of getting more number of Do Follow backlinks from reputed websites. Backlinks meaning the number of websites linking to your site meaning they trust you. If a well-reputed site links to you, your chances of ranking are more. You can ask for other Bloggers in your niche to link you. Some may do it for free, some may ask for something in return like a backlink, Guest Post or money.

On Page Optimization

This is the main thing considering the CONTENT being the king and if your content is well optimized this will automatically rank you as the time passes. Firstly, keep your content fresh and updated, and try to post something unique. Avoid Grammer mistakes and use simple language including more of active voice sentences. Install the Grammarly Extension for Chrome Browser to avoid grammar mistakes. Use Heading, Sub-heading and title showcasing your Keyword. Use your keyword 5-6 times in the post and use a few images to keep the content engaging. Even if you are ranked on Google, people click on a post by seeing the title and descrip[tion, So use attractive Title and description.

Recommended Plugins

If you are following our methods to rank on Google, we also recommend you to install a few plugins on WordPress like

  • Yoast SEO – To get SEO Guides
  • Google XML – To Generate sitemaps
  • W3 Total Cache – Cleaning cache data
  • AMP – To enable AMP version
  • facebook Comments – To allow comments through facebook
  • MailChimp Newsletter – To collect Newsletter signups
  • Social Share – To let people share your content socially
  • Smush – To optimize your images on site
  • Google Analytics – To get the analytics of your site
  • Easy Table of Content – Create the table of content etc.


These are a few Basic SEO Guides for Beginners that can help you rank better on Google. Try to reduce your page load time and optimize your site for Mobile Devices. If you have a well-optimized website then all you have to focus is on your On-Page SEO and eventually, you will start ranking. Do not forget to share your content on Social Media after publishing it.

Are you able to rank on Google?

Best Camera for Youtubers in 2019 as per Channel type & Budget.

Youtube is the platform where you can make money by making videos. But, to make videos you need a camera and here we are with the Best Camera for Youtubers 2019.

There are a lot of cameras out there in the market but you need the best camera, to begin with. Firstly, you have to understand that cameras are to record videos and you need a camera only if you have to record videos. This is the list of Best Camera for Youtubers, to begin with, 2019

List of Best Camera for Youtubers

1. Smartphone

best camera for youtubers

First things first the best camera for Youtubers is the camera that you already have and that is your smartphone. You may not believe this but there are many grown-up Youtubers who still use Smartphone cameras. This is because the smartphone cameras are getting very powerful day by day. You can get the quality very similar to cameras if you have good lighting conditions. Just try to shoot in daylight in front of a window or try to go outdoors and you will be surprised what your smartphone is capable of. And, if you don’t have a good smartphone, here are a few camera-centric smartphones in the budget segment:

  • Redmi Note 7 Pro
  • Samsung Galaxy M30
  • Redmi Note 7
  • Realme 3
  • Samsung M20 etc.

BUY NOW Best camera phones under 15000

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2. Action Camera

best camera for youtubers

Smartphone cameras are very compact and easy to carry and action cameras are just above that. Action cameras are mainly used for sports but you can record great videos especially if you do Vlogging. If you want something great then you may have to spend huge amounts after Action cameras but there are some decent ones in the budget segment too. There are brands like Sjcam and Procus etc, and GoPro Hero camera is also listed on Amazon for around Rs 12,000

Buy Now

3. Camcorder

best camera for youtubers

Camcorders are great when it comes to video shooting and especially if you are trying to shoot prank videos because of their zoom levels. They are easy to carry, easy to use, compact and very powerful. You can record 1080p videos at 60 fps with some powerful camcorders from Sony and Panasonic. We definitely recommend these cameras if you are doing vlogs and some outdoor videos.


4. Canon EOS1300D

best camera for youtubers

This is an entry-level DSLR Camera from Canon. If you are starting out and have a limited budget only, you can go for this. But we recommend you buy a smartphone instead or save enough to afford a better camera. It is a basic one but has some limitations like you can tilt the screen and there is no option for an external microphone here. These are some cons that do not make sense especially when it comes to the best camera for Youtubers.


5. Nikon D5300

best camera for youtubers

This is a camera from Nikon side and is quite similar to the cameras in its segment. Its like whether you prefer Nikon or Canon otherwise both the cameras Nikon d5300 and Canon 200D are very much similar. This one gives you specifications like EXPEED 4 processing engine, touch screen display, 1080p recording at 60fps etc. You can definitely consider it buying from this list of Best camera for Youtubers.


6. Canon EOS200D

best camera for youtubers

This is the first choice and is really the best camera for Youtubers. You get everything you want from a camera. This one is compact and so lightweight that you can easily vlog with this. But something great about this camera is the quality that you want and a list of some fantastic features like the Wi-Fi, NFC, screen tilting etc. The Canon 200D is the best camera out there in the market.


Read this – Youtube New Community Guidelines Policy 2019

7. Canon Powershot G7X Mark 2

best camera for youtubers

This is another camera being one of the best cameras for Youtubers due to these facts. Firstly, this is a mirrorless camera having a separate USP and then the compactness is mind-blowing. This isn’t the only point but you have all the features you need in a camera and the handiness and super lightweight makes it the best camera for Vloggers. With such a  fantastic device, you also get some cons like you cannot connect an external mic or less. You have to do with the things you get with the camera itself only.


8. Sony A6300

best camera for youtubers

This is kind of the perfect camera for Youtubers or anyone who is into videography or photography because of the features this camera has. There is 4D focus and world’s fastest Auto Focus with most autofocus points as 425 points. There is a 24.2MP sensor and wide sensitivity range of ISO 100 to 51200. It is capable of recording 4K Videos and is a great camera. To be honest this one is the best camera after 200D from Canon rather better than 200D but priced slightly higher.


10 Tricks for New Youtubers

9. Canon 80D

best camera for youtubers

All we can say about 80D is that it is not the budget segment camera. Yes, of course, you need enough budget to buy this camera and is the first choice for all YouTubers. Now Sony A6300 is another camera competing against this one having almost similar specs with such a lower price when compared to this. But those who have the budget can definitely go for this and enjoy the Canon’s ecosystem.  It is a kind of semi-professional group.


10. 5D Mark 2

best camera for youtubers

This one is a totally professional camera and we do not even recommend it for Individual Youtubers but those of you who want can definitely go for it. The Canon 5D is for big corporations and those indulged into film making completely or the music video creation. So, let us not discuss much this as this one is for Small Youtubers.


It is tough to make videos when your Youtube Channel is not growing but you should have enough motivation to do it and that counts one day. So, to make videos you don’t need a high professional DSLR camera. You can start with the equipment that you have right now instead of waiting for some miracle to happen.

So, these were some of the Best cameras for Youtubers and the camera that you own is the best one. You need to realize this.

WHich camera do you like as a Youtuber?

Youtube New Community Guideline Strike Policy 2019

Youtube is a big Player when it comes to making money online. You can easily make money on Youtube once you build an audience base. But you have to be very careful of the Youtube Guidelines and rules. There are many policies you may not be aware of but Youtube always keeps om changing these rules and regulations. Here we are with the new community guideline strike policy 2019

Similarly, Youtube has updated its Community Guidelines Policy and made some significant changes. Youtube’s Community Guidelines are the policies that regulate video content on the platform.

Youtube New Policies

1. Bonus Violation

Previously, there was the rule that if you voilate Youtube’s Community Guidelines Policy, you get a strike on your channel and your Live Streaming feature is disabled for the period of 90 Days.

youtube community guidelines new policy 2019

Now, Youtube has updated this policy and will waive your first mistake. If you voilate the Community Guidelines Policy for the first time, Youtube takes it as a trial and allows you to continue as a normal channel. Remember this that this rule will be applicable from February 25 and is allowed only once in the lifetime of a Youtube Channel.

This rule is to liberalise the policy of Community Guidelines and Youtube sends you an alert of it. If your channel voilates the policy after this waiver, you will have to face the consequences as earlier.

Note this that if you violate Community Guidelines for the second time after, this waiver that will be considered as your first time and will remain as the normal strike.

2. More Strict Policy

With the first policy, Youtube is trying to liberalize the policy but then again we are at the same level. This is like trading in hand in hand. Youtube liberalized the policy by giving the first violation as a waiver.

youtube community guidelines new policy 2019

But, here in this amendment, they made it more difficult. If you violate the Community Guidelines policy after the first waiver your Video Upload feature will be restrained for a week. That means you will not be able to upload videos on your channel for one week. And, if you get two strikes straight this will disable the uploading for two weeks and the third one will terminate your channel.

3. Community Guidelines are Universal

Now Community Guideline Policies are more Universal within youtube. Since Youtube has added many features in past few years, they have the policy too. Now the Community Guidelines policy applies to your Youtube Stories and Community Posts too.

This is not restricted to this but applies to your Thumbnails, Description, and even links posted in the description area of your videos.

So, these are a few updates or ammendments to the Youtube Community Guidelines Policy and pay special attention to these policies. These policies are applicable from February 25, 2019. These New Community Guidelines Policies seem fair as these are justifiable and are about the content on Youtube.

Did you ever get a Community Guideline Strike? If yes, When and for what?

25 New Blogging Niche Ideas 2019

It is very easy to make money online and Blogging is the pillar of online earning. But Blogging is very tough and there are billions of blogs already out there. To help you, start Blogging here we are with 25 Blogging Niche Ideas in 2019.

If we believe in research there is a blog for every seven people. So, you can imagine how competitive Blogging is? You have to be very patient and follow your passion. Blogging is not like the following someone but creating your own plan for success. In this competitive world of Blogging, we have 25 new Blogging niche ideas in 2019.

Blogging Niche Ideas 2019

  • Gaming

Gaming is a totally new world and with the growth of PUBG, this is growing every minute. There are kids addicted to PUBG and battle Royale but think of business perspective. Those who are very much indulged in Gaming are looking for the latest updates, tips and tricks, hacks for the gaming sector. Now there is a new Game called APEX Legends and this one is going to rule the world of gaming for upcoming years. We can’t say anything about gaming but it is definitely going to grow with the growth of the internet.

You can also start Micro Niche Blogs with a unique game and blog about only a game like PUBG, APEX COC etc.

  • Gift ideas

In India, we always have some festival going around and it is the time to exchange gifts. We are not talking about Diwali when we have the regular Son Papdi. Jokes a side! But in some occasions like festival, birthday, anniversary or some auspicious day, we love to gift our loved ones. But, it is always difficult to find a perfect gift for someone special. If you can help other in this situation, you can make a lot of money. Firstly, you will make a lot of money with Affiliate marketing by product recommendation.

  • Relationship

This is a age-old and always green idea to start relationship Blog. If you can guide others in their relationship, you will build a huge fan base and people will listen to you. And, if you have an audience base on any platform, making money becomes easy. You cam recommend any product or even your own product. Start posting your unique ideas and suggestions in the form of relationship advice and eventrually you will grow very fast.

  • Personal Finance   

Making Money is easy but it is difficult to save it. And if you can help others saving their money you can make a lot of money. There was a time when Blogging was limited to a sphere but now everyone want to search everything on Google. And, this gives you an opportunity to make money by guiding them. Personal Finance is a niche that can generate you huge money but you have to help others with your unique ideas. Affiliate Income can be very huge as even if you generate a single lead banks can pay you big money.

  • Pet Care

Everyone love pets but those who really love their pet take care of their pets. There was a time when people used to ask consultation but now with such a easy access of Internet people prefer to find things online. You can build a blog helping people how to take care of their pets and how to feed them? This is your knowledge that can be very useful for others

  • Book Reviews

Books are real friends and you can always find them helpful. Those who love reading books trying to find the best books and if you have read a book, you can post your review on the Blog. This can be a very unique idea to make a blog where you post book reviews. And, even a strong point could be of building a website where others can post their reviews too on a large scale.

  • Fashion

Fashion is always subject to time and you never know what could be the new trend. The guy you used to call Champoo! could be the next fashion icon especially in this world of the Internet. If you have good judgment about fashion and you can advise others about the latest fashion then guess what. This is a Blogging idea that can help you make billions of Dollars by just writing those ideas in Blog.

  • Lifestyle

There are a lot of people making billion dollar money by just sharing their lifestyle to be it in the form of video or text. Yes, if you start writing about your lifestyle or sharing lifestyle hacks, you can make money on Blogging. Lifestyle is not limited to urban people or some fancy stuff but you can share your simple life and people like to know about it.

  • Grooming

Now, everyone wants to look good and presentable and if you can help them in their grooming, you can make money out of it. There was a time when nobody cared about how they look but now in this camera savvy world everyone wants to take selfies and this is an opportunity for you to start your blog on Men and women grooming. How to wear clothes properly, how to hairstyle etc.

  • Education

Education or online learning is a niche that is going very rapidly. Now, there are online classes going on but if you start Blogging on this niche and start providing them content for free. You will make money with AdSense and affiliate marketing. You can make online courses you can charge for but post free lectures first.

  • Travel

We all love traveling and travel stories. If you love traveling that everyone does but if you travel too then this is a perfect niche for you.  We are not suggesting you post travel stories which you can do too but we are recommending you to tell the world travel plan. You can write about how to start a journey and how to book places with the bare minimum expenses. If you start doing this, you will even get sponsored trips too.

  • Home Décor

Everyone wants to look good and make their surroundings look good too. The first thing that comes to surrounding is home and people want their home to look good. If you can help others decorating their home, you can make huge cash with it. The first thing you can recommend products and people follow the affiliate link you will post and Google Adsense is always there for you.

  • Business ideas

Just like we are suggesting you Blogging niche ideas, you can help others by suggesting business ideas. Not just the business ideas but a full proof plan on how to start a business with the investment required and legalities involved in the process. This way you can be a business consultant and help others making money.

  • Online earning

Online Earning is an age-old niche but it still works fine because everyone wants to make money. Everyone knows how to make money online but they don’t know how to start and grow online. If you can help people with a full strategic plan on how to make money with the Internet. Say, for example, if you post something like HOW TO MAKE MONEY WITH BLOGGING, this may not work well but if you post the same content like this – HOW TO MAKE $1000 MONTHLY WITH BLOGGING. This becomes a plan and everyone want to know a plan not the idea.

  • Health

The healthy lifestyle is the new market and if you can target this, you can make huge money out of it. Fitness Industry is growing very fast and you need to capture this. With the growing awareness of healthy living, you can tell people how to live a healthy life. A healthy life includes healthy products, healthy food, healthy atmosphere, healthy lifestyle totally.

  • Nutrition

It is quite difficult to find the perfect nutrition for a normal person and if you can help this becomes a perfect niche. Blogging is not easy but when you have a niche that you perfectly know about, it becomes easy for you. You can write about the nutritional values we receive from daily in taking and amount nutrition an average person needs. You can generate clients for consultancy and can sell your own product or do affiliate marketing.

  • Yoga

Yoga is the gift of India to the world and people from the west make a lot of money with something that is ours. And, we neglect it but there is a growing importance of Yoga in the modern world. There are people who do Yoga training and make millions of Dollars and what are you doing despite having the knowledge of Yoga? Yes, you need to have knowledge first then only you can teach others. So, learn and then start teaching others the importance of yoga.

  • Weight Loss

Health is the prime niche but Weight loss is another separate niche from Health. There are people who are looking for the perfect diet plan, training programme, and a coach who can help them lose their weight. And, you can be the one who can help them lose their weight. You can share weight loss stories and make money out of it.

  • Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing is another separate way to make money but you can make money by teaching Affiliate Marketing to others. There are a lot of websites paying hugely for Affiliate sales and you can tell others about this. You can post about Top 10 Affiliate platforms, How to generate Sales from Affiliate Marketing etc. Or you can create a website listing the best products and make money from Affiliate Marketing.

  • Job Notifications

Everyone wants a good job and want to make money but they don’t know about the corporate openings and available vacancies. You can make a website to post about the latest job openings in different sectors and guess what with this you can build an email subscription list. With this email list you can make Affiliate sales and a lot more. Government Job website is the classic niche and evergreen.

  • Journalism

We always visit news websites and try to find out if anything new there. But mostly what happens is we see the same stories again and again but we miss the opportunity. What you can do here is create a website where you can post news stories from different people, different society etc. If you come up with something new why wouldn’t you succeed? Start a website that has some success stories and people love to read such stuff.

  • Interviews

The interview is a talk session with someone popular and this is something people want to read. Everyone wants to know about the life story of a successful person and by giving them what they want you can make money. You can start a Blog posting Interviews with someone popular in a niche. You can conduct interviews over the phone, skype, or any other medium but post about it.

  • Event

There are a lot of events happening every day and if you can make a list of upcoming events, Congratulations! You are all set to take over the new world. There are a lot of people who want to know about the events happening in their city and if you are giving them what they want they are going to be with you. Once you have a large number of audience you can even approach event organizers for paid coverage.

  • Biography

Who doesn’t want to be successful and people love to know about someone who is successful? Well, if you start writing about successful people in different segments of life you will easily get traffic and even you can approach the person you are writing about to share with their audience. Biographies are getting more popular nowadays as people want to know more about they are following.

  • Digital marketing

Digital Marketing is on its peak it ever was and it is going to grow day by day. It includes a lot of things like Content Marketing, SEO, Social Media, Web Development etc. and there is a huge demand for Digital Marketers. If you learn about Digital Marketing and start writing about your knowledge you can make huge money with Blogging and can acquire clients through this.

It is good to know more about the trending topics but you can not write about anything unless you have a passion for it. There are a lot of people who start Blogging but only a few succeed. Those who have the inner desire and passion for writing. Because remember this you have to be consistent even if you don’t grow and that is the struggle that makes you successful.

These are some new Blogging Niche Ideas you can follow but ask yourself if you can write at least a hundred posts without expecting anything in return. And if you are ready to take this challenge, go ahead with Blogging and follow your passion. This will definitely make you a successful Blogger but you have to wait for the perfect time.

What are your ideas for Blogging in 2019?

20 New Most Profitable Niche Ideas to Start YouTube Channel in 2019

It is difficult to make money online but Youtube is a platform popularly known to make money online. Youtube is basically a video creation platform. There are billions of viewers and millions of creators on Youtube. If you have some special skill then Youtube is a perfect platform but what if you don’t have some special talent but still want to start your Youtube Channel. So, here we are with 20 most profitable and innovative niche ideas for Youtube in 2019. These are some of the niches where you have the least amount of competition on Youtube.

What is Youtube?

Youtube is a website where people can watch videos. But, to let others watch videos, someone has to upload these videos first, right? So, Youtube allows creators to start their Youtube Channel and upload videos with a monetization system through Google Adsense. As a creator, you can upload videos and when others watch your videos, you will be paid as per the Ads displayed on your videos.

This was just a basic introduction of Youtube now we have 20 Youtube Niche Ideas for 2019

Youtube Niche Ideas 2019

  • Regional Content

Regional Content is something we always ignore but it is growing tremendously and this is the perfect time to start it. We have the highest growth of the Internet in India and everyone is trying to look content in their own language itself. So, if you can start making content in some regional language that you know, this can benefit you a lot.

  • Child Education

Educating a child is quite a tough job and if you can do it, it’s a perfect opportunity. There are a lot of people looking for videos to educate their child. You can make videos teaching Alphabets, Colors, Numbers etc. to kids.

  • Child Care

There are a lot of people who are not able to take care of their child and looking for some content online to help them. You can make videos about baby care, their hygiene, baby food, baby oil etc. and this can generate you huge views.

  • Children Entertainment

It is quite difficult to find which content is suitable for children and which isn’t. So, if you start a dedicated entertainment channel for kids only, there is great potential. Kids like visual contents more instead of dialogues and cinematic videos. All you need to do is just grab this opportunity.

  • Job Notifications

There was a time when everyone used to search  Job Notifications on Newspaper but now this is the era of the Internet. People try to find every news online and there isn’t any trustworthy channel on Youtube talking about jobs. So, if you collect job information and present it in the form of the video you can grow easily.

  • Diseases

If you have some knowledge about diseases and medicines then you can help others with your knowledge. Just start making videos about awareness of different diseases and their precautions, cures, medicines etc.  It is all about health and fitness and kind of online Doctor.

  • Love Guru

There was a time when people used to listen to Love Guru shows on Radio. Still, there are a lot of people for Radio but now people also try to find similar content online. If you can guide people about relationships and love then why not start guiding? This is a unique skill and you can make money with it.

  • Gardening and Agriculture

Now, with the growing amount of data consumption and fastening Intenet speeds, even the farmers and villagers try to find videos online. Currently, there is only limited content about gardening and agriculture sector on Youtube. You can start making videos guiding others about the same.

  • Tailoring & Weaving

This is another sector growing rapidly with the highest demand for DIY content. This is kind of DIY stuff helping people to weave or sew in their home and if you can do this, why are you not doing it? You can teach different designs, something unique and style ideas through your videos.

  • Pets Care

Pets care isn’t a new niche but it is growing with a great pace in India nowadays. Now, people look for videos to help them take care of their pets especially in rural India where people have cows and buffaloes a lot. So, you can help them with your special skills.

  • Career Guidance

After reaching a certain point in their carer  people look for someone who can guide them. Almost every student is confused in deciding his/her career. After 10th/12th standard, they need career guidance. Some people are confused even after their graduation, So you can help them with your knowledge and helping nature.

  • Interior Decoration

Everyone wants their home and office to look good but they have no clue about what to do?. If you can help them in decorating their home and office, they are surely going to watch your videos. So, just enhance your skills and let others get the benefit of your skills.

  • Regional Music

Regional music is also like the regional content and is a part of it. But it has rapid growth in itself. People often look for entertainment and who doesn’t like to listen to their own culture and tradition. Regional music is like adding taste to people’s lives. Also, you can start a regional Music Company like the Tseries in India.

  • Youtube Controversy

Controversies are the one everyone wants to talk about and like to know about. And, nowadays it’s a trend to have controversies in India. So if you can let others know about the ongoing controversies on Youtube or you can share public opinions too.

  • Stock Video Content

If you have a good DSLR camera then start filming some videos that can be very useful for others. If like cinematography and can make good videos then you are a perfect person to do this. You can even ask for money to let others use your content.

  • Offline Business Ideas

There are a lot of people talking about how to make money online but only a few of them are talking about the offline market. The Internet is growing very rapidly, no doubt but doesn’t forget that only 20% of the population use the Internet in India. You can share your ideas on how to make money offline with different innovative business ideas.

  • Money Management

Saving Money is more Difficult than Earning it. Some way or the other everyone finds a way to make money but they are not able to save their money and Money Saved is money earned. So, if you can help people on how to manage their money by saving and investing it, this can be a great idea. This is a sort of Personal Finance stuff.

  • Online Learning

There are a lot of channels on youtube about Online earning and each of them is doing so well. If you are good in studies and can teach people, it’s a perfect niche for you.  All you need to do is start making videos about studies and you will defini8tely grow.

  • Gaming Channel

Gaming is on its boom and for least one year with PUBG. Even this is very easy to make Gaming videos. It’s like you just have to play games and comment while playing. We are not saying to play PUBG but any game you like and you will have a lot of viewers for it.

  • Political Reaction

In India, we have Loksabha Elections in upcoming months and everyone wants to know about politics now. If you can take public reaction about politics then this is the perfect niche you can start now.

These are a few niche ideas for Youtube you can start now in 2019. Gaming and Political channel are just the perfect niches for you. If you are looking to start your Youtube Channel in 2019, you can pick any of these niches. We are not saying these are the best niches but these are going to work well anyhow.

What do you think of these niche ideas for Youtube in 2019?

8 Ways to make money with Blogging

Blogging is an Ocean and there are thousands of fishes to catch in but most of the people aren’t aware of it. Making money with Blogging is quite easy but how much money you make with Blogging is more important. Here we are with eight different ways of making money with Blogging.

Before we discuss how to make money with Blogging you need to know what is Blogging?

What is Blogging?

Blogging is simply writing but it’s not that simple too. It includes hell lot of things but the main thing is your content and the CONTENT IS THE KING. So all you have to focus is on writing and everything works eventually.  In minimum words, Blogging is creating content in a textual format online and making money with it. So, in order to make money with Blogging, you have to follow a few steps like

  • Creating a website Online
  • Start Writing for your Site or hire someone to write for you
  • Optimize your Website for Search Engines
  • Make Money with it

How to Make money with Blogging

  • Google Adsense

This is the most popular way of making money online with Blogging and it works pretty fine. Google Adsense is a network of advertisements that display ads on your website and shares revenue with you. Yes, you are not fully paid for the Ads shown on your site, Google takes a part of it. But it is the simplest way and most common among Bloggers. All you have to do is Sign Up for the Adsense and place Ads on your site once you get approval. This will generate huge money if you have enough traffic on your site.

  • Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing is the most profitable way of making money online. It is not with Blogging only but in general a great way. What happens here is you become a salesperson for a brand and you are paid a commission for that. But you have to create sales first. So with Blogging you can place affiliate links of some products relevant to your site and your audience and if there is a sale you will earn a commission. You can Sign up for Amazon Affiliates one of the most trusted platform or any other of your choice and start making money.

  • Sponsored Content

This is another way that can generate huge money for the work that you are already doing. Yes, you heard it right all you have to do is Blogging and you will be paid extra for it. Sponsored Content is the content you create for a brand that will pay you for doing this. But to get Brand Sponsorships, you need to build an audience base. If you have enough traffic on your site say monthly visits of 20,000 brands will automatically approach you and pay you to write for them on your site. This is just a bonus way to make money because you have the rest of your ideas already working.

  • Selling Ad Space

If you are wondering, you already placed Google Adsense Ads on your site then this one is just an additional source of earning for you. Once your blog is popular enough to have huge traffic, brands directly approach you to place their image/banner ads on your site. You can charge any amount you want for that Ad space. To understand this let us consider an example of popular e-commerce site Amazon. If you visit Amazon Site or app you will see a lot of Banner Ads about upcoming and recent smartphones. This is how they generate huge money.

  • Guest Posting

Guest Posting is posting content on other websites. But take in this way that others want to post on your site. You can charge any amount you want to let others post on your website. But why would anyone pay you and even write for you? Basically what they would do is just redirect traffic from your site to their’s by creating a Do-Follow Backlink. This will enhance their Domain Authority and improve their website in Seach Results. There are a lot of Bloggers charging huge money for allowing others to guest post and even some people do it for free.

  • Backlinking

Guest Posting is a great way to create Do-Follow backlinks but some people just directly charge for backlinks only. It’s like YOU PAY ME AND I WILL LINK YOU. You can charge huge amounts for giving backlinks from your site to others. But here you need to be very cautious as you can earn big money but if you are linking to a malicious site, this will ruin your site’s image. So be careful while linking others, Check their website fully first. Make sure that you are not linking to an adult website.

  • Selling Products

Once your website is grown enough and has a sufficient amount of visitors on your blog, instead of displaying Ads you can sell your own product. You can sell e-books, software, courses or even any physical product too. This can generate more revenue than you can ever make by any other mean on your site. This is because you are selling your own product where you have control over all the costs and there is no marketing cost too. There are a lot of people making huge means huge money with their own products online.

  • Selling Blog

You may not like this method but you can make huge money by selling your whole blog. Yes, it’s possible you can find a suitable buyer for your site and sell them your blog. There are a lot of people who create multiple blogs and grow them. And after having a suitable Authority build and a sufficient number of visitors, they just sell their blog for an exchange of money. Selling a blog may not be a perfect idea but if you have learned how blogging works then this is the ideal situation because you can get a huge return for growing a blog. Flippa.com is an example where you can sell your site.

Blogging is not that easy but once you start making money with it you just love blogging. These are a few commonly known methods of making money with Blogging. Google Adsense and Affiliate Marketing are commonly known and practiced universally but you can also make money with rest of the methods. All you have to do is put your efforts in growing your blog and then only you can enjoy the fruit of earning. We recommend you to build an audience base and that will work for any method.

What else you know about making money with Blogging?

How to Start Blogging & make money Online

When it comes to making money online, Blogging is the first thing that comes to mind. So here we are with the step by step guide on how to make money with blogging. Blogging is a simple thing to start with and can fetch you a huge amount of money online but most people aren’t aware of it. But don’t worry! We will guide in your path of making money online via Blogging.

What is Blogging?

In simple terms, Blogging is writing. So if you are passionate about writing then only go ahead with Blogging. It includes a lot of other things like SEO, marketing, social media etc. but the simple word is writing. So now, you have decided to start Blogging because you are passionate about writing. Congratulations! You are on the track of Blogging and have great potential in it.

Things you need to start Blogging

It’s great that you have decided to start Blogging but there are certain things that you need to start a Blog. The simple solution is that you can start Blogging on Blogger which is a free platform y Google. But we are not covering here the Blogger but we will guide you in making your first Blog using the WordPress which allows you to customize your website the way you want it. It is simple and easy to start. These are a few things you will need to start a Blog on WordPress:

  • Domain Name – A Domain name is the name of your Blog that will be publicly available. This is the URL of your website that you can share. So, you have to be careful choosing the name of your website because this will represent your content.
  • Web Hosting – Now since you have decided a Domain name you will need a Web Hosting to host your content online. It is buying a part of server available with very fast speed.

Now since you have a Domain name and Web Hosting you are all set to start your Blog. So let us start the step by step guide on How to start Blogging and make money Online.

Step By Step guide to Start Blogging

Step 1 – Choose a Niche

We asked you to buy a domain name but before that, you have to decide your niche. Your niche is the category on which you want to start writing. This is something you have knowledge about, you are passionate about, you want to write about. Your niche is very important because this is all that matters. A few niche ideas could be smartphones, gadgets, pets, fashion, lifestyle, education, blogging, digital marketing, finance, accounting, love etc. It can be anything people search about.

Step 2 – Buy a Domain Name

After choosing a niche, you will need a domain name to represent your niche. Here again, you have to work hard on choosing a domain name. You can take help of some Domain Name Generators available online. And then, buy a domain name. You can buy a domain name from retail vendors like Godaddy, Bigrock, Namecheap etc.

Step 3 – Buy a Web Hosting

Now you have your domain name but to host anything in your domain you will need web hosting. It is a part of a server that is rented for an exchange of money. You can choose a basic hosting plan to start with and make sure that you buy a monthly hosting. So that you can renew it every month. It is important because if you get huge traffic after 3-4 months, you will be able to upgrade it easily. Here again, there are a lot of vendors like Godaddy, Hostinger, Hosting Raja, Reseller Club etc.

Step 4 – Connect Domain and Hosting

After buying a hosting and a domain, you have to connect them because if anyone goes to your URL, he/she shall see the content you have hosted on your site. To connect your domain with the hosting you will have to update your Nameservers. You will get your nameservers with the hosting you bought. In case you purchased your domain and hosting from the same vendors then you can this step.

Step 5 – Instal WordPress

Congratulations! You are almost done. Only a few steps are remaining. Now you have to install WordPress on your site so that it becomes easy for you to design and customize it. Once you login to your Control Panel (Cpanel) in your hosting you will get the option of installing WordPress under Softwares. Perfect! Just choose a username and password and click install. Now you are all set.

Step 6 – Customize your Site

Now you have made your website public and you can see it via URL but there is nothing you have done in the designing part. But don’t worry it is easy very easy to design. Go to your URL/wp-admin (for example your website is abc.com then go to abc.com/wp-admin) that’s it! You can install a theme you like from the free themes on WordPress Library or buy a premium theme from ThemeForest as per your budget. You can watch a lot of tutorials available on Youtube regarding this to learn how to customize WordPress.

Step 7 – Start Writing

Now you are all set, your website is ready all you have to do is start publishing content. You have to start writing regularly. Make it a regular plan to write daily, weekly, twice a week, monthly or anything like that. Some people write 3-4 posts a day. This is all up to you, how you want to write. If you are unable to write hire someone but make sure you are publishing quality content. Because CONTENT IS THE KING. Take care of some SEO practices and promote your content online.

Step 8 – Apply for Adsense

Once you have enough posts like 20-30 posts on your site and make sure you publish unique content. Do not copy other blogs otherwise you might be penalized. Now publish a few more pages like About Us, Contact Us, Sitemaps, Privacy Policy, Terms, and Conditions etc. Then apply for the Adsense on your website and if you have followed all these steps you will easily get Adsense approval on your Site. Now just place Ads on your site and start making money.

Congratulations! You are all set to make money online through Blogging. You can make money using Google Adsense, Affiliate Marketing, Sponsorship, Third Party Ads etc.

So this is the step by step guide on how to start blogging. The main thing is your content and your hard work. You can easily set up your blog and start making money. Just decide a perfect niche for your site and a domain named that represents your niche and you will learn other things eventually. All that matters is your attitude and dedication towards your passion.

What do you think of Blogging as a  career in 2019?

If you still find it difficult to make a website you can hire someone to do this or even hire us

Email – hiteknirmal@gmail.com

Career as a Android app developer, Future, Scope and Earnings

In India uses of Android devices is growing day by day, either you talk about smartphone market or Tablet smart watch etc. It was a time in between 2000 – 2010 India’s smartphone market was dominated by Symbian operating system but after 2011 Android operating system beats other it’s every competitors such as Symbian, Windows, iOS and now in 2019 the 70% off smartphone market is captured by Android operating system and growing day by day and the main reason behind its growth is this platform huge number of application softwares so people are using Android operating system as their primary devices when it comes to smartphone, tablet or even desktop hence in such condition Android app developer have a great opportunity and a very bright future and scope with huge making money potential in the field of Android app development.

Softwares used for developing Android applications: Android studios is the best software used in the development of Android applications softwares the positive point is that by using this Android studio any developer can develop any short of Android applications but he should have a good knowledge of coding and programming, otherwise it is very difficult to understand the functionality of this software, There are several other easy software such as thunkable, appybuilder etc which helps anyone to create and develop Android applications without any knowledge and programming skills, hence these softwares are being widely used by the developer in developing this applications but its demerit is you cannot develop all sort of applications by using such softwares while if you are expert in programming you can use Android studio and easily develop fully customised application using Android studio , hence recommend anyone to learn how to use Android studio and be a professional app developer.

Computer / laptop configuration required for a professional Android app developer : If you are using Android studio as your primary app development software then its basic requirement is your computer desktop or laptop should have minimum Intel i7 Processor which 3rd generation, 8GB of Ram, 1GB of graphics card prefer Nvidia and 1 Terabyte of hard disk for smooth operation of Android studio . Remember if you purchase i5 Intel processor with 4GB of Ram then even this application will work but you will find it operation very slow which is irritating but if you are willing to develop our create Android Applications by third party software such as thunkable and appybuilder then there is no requirement of such a high end computer. For using these softwares you can use it with any computer having i3 processor 4GB of Ram and 1TB of hard disk.

Making money opportunity with development of Android applications: every Android developer has issues opportunity to make money and generate good revenue from his created applications. They make money in two ways, firstly the prefer to create Android apps for their client and sell them with one time money which can be done by a lot of freelancing market such as Fiverr, upwork and several other freelancing market places. The second way which is used by most of the app developers is create application for their own and publish it on Google Play Store and other application marketplaces from where people download this applications install it and use them. Here in this case developer has to monetize their application with advertisement and the best one is via Google admob and second one is Facebook audience network however there are many more companies which offer advertisement on any Android applications but the most popular is Google adsence and Facebook audience network because this serves several type of banner ad interstitial ads mid native ads etc which generate recurring Hughes revenue for that developer every month the future scope of earning by creating Android applications such as software games or CMS is very bright future.

Marketing and promotion of your Android applications : once you finalize and created your Android application then it’s important to get huge download of your app and get maximum installation, without getting more and more download you not be able to earn maximum revenue so there are few ways which are used by this developer to get initial download and boost of the application. The most important is YouTube videos if you have a YouTube channel then anyone can have a great opportunity to advertise it’s developed application by putting the description link of that app and showing a short demo in the video how that app works. Apart from this paid promotion is also used by Google AdWords which shows the advertisement on third party publisher websites videos of you application so when anybody click that advertisement on a device working on Android operating system he is prompted to download and install it so in this way developer achieve their maximum download and promote their newly created applications.

Finally my suggestion is the future, scope, opportunity of making money via creating Android application is very good and youth should enter in this field without any worry I wish you all the very best.