Career as a Android app developer, Future, Scope and Earnings

In India uses of Android devices is growing day by day, either you talk about smartphone market or Tablet smart watch etc. It was a time in between 2000 – 2010 India’s smartphone market was dominated by Symbian operating system but after 2011 Android operating system beats other it’s every competitors such as Symbian, Windows, iOS and now in 2019 the 70% off smartphone market is captured by Android operating system and growing day by day and the main reason behind its growth is this platform huge number of application softwares so people are using Android operating system as their primary devices when it comes to smartphone, tablet or even desktop hence in such condition Android app developer have a great opportunity and a very bright future and scope with huge making money potential in the field of Android app development.

Softwares used for developing Android applications: Android studios is the best software used in the development of Android applications softwares the positive point is that by using this Android studio any developer can develop any short of Android applications but he should have a good knowledge of coding and programming, otherwise it is very difficult to understand the functionality of this software, There are several other easy software such as thunkable, appybuilder etc which helps anyone to create and develop Android applications without any knowledge and programming skills, hence these softwares are being widely used by the developer in developing this applications but its demerit is you cannot develop all sort of applications by using such softwares while if you are expert in programming you can use Android studio and easily develop fully customised application using Android studio , hence recommend anyone to learn how to use Android studio and be a professional app developer.

Computer / laptop configuration required for a professional Android app developer : If you are using Android studio as your primary app development software then its basic requirement is your computer desktop or laptop should have minimum Intel i7 Processor which 3rd generation, 8GB of Ram, 1GB of graphics card prefer Nvidia and 1 Terabyte of hard disk for smooth operation of Android studio . Remember if you purchase i5 Intel processor with 4GB of Ram then even this application will work but you will find it operation very slow which is irritating but if you are willing to develop our create Android Applications by third party software such as thunkable and appybuilder then there is no requirement of such a high end computer. For using these softwares you can use it with any computer having i3 processor 4GB of Ram and 1TB of hard disk.

Making money opportunity with development of Android applications: every Android developer has issues opportunity to make money and generate good revenue from his created applications. They make money in two ways, firstly the prefer to create Android apps for their client and sell them with one time money which can be done by a lot of freelancing market such as Fiverr, upwork and several other freelancing market places. The second way which is used by most of the app developers is create application for their own and publish it on Google Play Store and other application marketplaces from where people download this applications install it and use them. Here in this case developer has to monetize their application with advertisement and the best one is via Google admob and second one is Facebook audience network however there are many more companies which offer advertisement on any Android applications but the most popular is Google adsence and Facebook audience network because this serves several type of banner ad interstitial ads mid native ads etc which generate recurring Hughes revenue for that developer every month the future scope of earning by creating Android applications such as software games or CMS is very bright future.

Marketing and promotion of your Android applications : once you finalize and created your Android application then it’s important to get huge download of your app and get maximum installation, without getting more and more download you not be able to earn maximum revenue so there are few ways which are used by this developer to get initial download and boost of the application. The most important is YouTube videos if you have a YouTube channel then anyone can have a great opportunity to advertise it’s developed application by putting the description link of that app and showing a short demo in the video how that app works. Apart from this paid promotion is also used by Google AdWords which shows the advertisement on third party publisher websites videos of you application so when anybody click that advertisement on a device working on Android operating system he is prompted to download and install it so in this way developer achieve their maximum download and promote their newly created applications.

Finally my suggestion is the future, scope, opportunity of making money via creating Android application is very good and youth should enter in this field without any worry I wish you all the very best.

SEO / Search Engine Optimization for Blog,Website and YouTube channel

We all know that content is the king, in the field of website, blog and YouTube channel. Every creator put his best efforts to deliver the best quality content on his working platform but the most important question is his/her creativity will be only evaluated if that content will reach the targeted audience on internet. But if the content doesn’t reach the audience then everything is waste, no matters how good was his content and how much hard he had worked on generating that content, hence it is much more important to do something which could deliver that content to the targeted audience over internet and here comes the need and requirement of Search Engine Optimization wishes is also called as SEO.

Hence SEO is a technique which is used to optimize a blog post,article or a video both on page as well as off page , which includes several techniques such as meta tagging, meta description, creating anchor text, building backlinks via directory submission and guest posting etc. So here in this article I am going to explain the overview basic knowledge about the Search Engine Optimisation techniques used on YouTube and blogger to optimise and run his article and post on Google, Bing and Yahoo etc.

SEO/Search engine Optimization of a YouTube Video :The technique of SEO for a video on YouTube channel is completely different from ranking a article of blog post. Ranking a video in search result of YouTube and suggested or recommended videos of YouTube depends upon several factors in which most important thing is audience retention on the video and watch time given by the video, few years ago the algorithm was based upon views but in 2015 it change to watch time.

The second most factor which matters a lot is engagement with your videos means how much people like and share your video, as much as your video get watch time and audience retention then the probability of getting your videos rank on YouTube is more, after that few more things which does not matter a lot but you should do are following such as a Keyword rich title and long description use of hashtag and tags. Next important thing is your consistency or frequency of uploading videos however if your luck favor and your any video get viral then try to upload videos on very similar topic of that viral video and keep in mind do not make a mixed category channel focus your channel very close to one keyword.

SEO/ Search engine Optimization of Ranking any article or blog post or Website : before you begin it is most important to note that Google changes its a search algorithm time to time so this technique is not evergreen the tips and tricks which is shared here can be used in year 2019 and few years more.

Website or blog ranking depends upon several factors but it is widely divided into two parts first is On Page SEO and second is Off Page SEO. Both of them are explained below one by one

On page Search Engine Optimization: In this process it is important to do a proper keyword research before writing your article prefer to get some long tail keywords now you need to write the article, keeping in mind the headings I.e h1,h2,h3 and paragraphs, while writing the post keep in mind that your keywords either short tail or long tail both should appear in the post but avoid over stuffing of a particular keyword because it makes the article Spammy. Apart from this it apart from this it is much important to add keyword rich titles and long meta descriptions along with this every similar post should be interlinked to each other internally.

Off Page Search engine Optimization: In this process nothing is done on the website or blog but the impact on internet is improved and enhanced on social media and other website so that every genuine and trusted source should give a positive signal to add your blog post all website for this process this is most important to create few backlinks all other trusted and high rank blogger website we should try to create dofollow backlinks rather than nofollow backlinks but where ever you create the connection it should be trusted website otherwise your website or blog should not get much value for achieving natural backlinks it is most important that create backlinks regularly after equal intervals of time such as every week but don’t create too much backlinks in a very short span of time because it will affect your Google search ranking making your back things spamming so I have to do in a natural way for this purpose directory submission and guest posting is the best practice to achieve the best result and rank your blog post on the first page of Google and other search engines.

Blogging Vs Youtube ! Which is the best full time career in 2019

In India from last 2 years, specially in 2018 lot of people who wish to make money from online, their first preference was to be a video creator on platforms such as YouTube and Tik Tok etc. But the current situation on YouTube which is one of the world’s biggest video sharing website has huge crowd. It seems that now in 2019 the number of video creators in India has exponentially grown, which has resulted less revenue and more competition which is making this platform really tough than blogging, if we considered the monetization eligibility has been made much difficult on YouTube rather than on a blog, as we all know that prior to 2017 it was considered that blogging is much difficult than YouTube, because it was difficult to approve a blog via Google AdSense at that time and monetizing a YouTube channel is very easy just create a channel upload videos and monetize it, but in 2017 due to Reliance jio effect in India lot of people get 4G data at very low price due which people in India started using YouTube and watching videos a lot and gradually they also came to know that you can make money by uploading videos on YouTube, that’s why in the beginning ok 2017 YouTube has changed its monetization eligibility criteria two requirement of 10000 views and 1000 subscribers. But after 1 year again in 2018 in April YouTube again revised its monetization eligibility criteria 4000 hours watch time and 1000 subscribers there after the channel will go in a manual review and after that the channel would be monetized.

This action had made YouTube as a tough career than blogging, on the other hand the crowd of the people who are trying to be a blogger very less due to which it is comparatively easier to approve Google AdSense account on any blog and specially whene Google started allowing blogs in different local languages such as Hindi, Bengali . Then now in 2019 it is much beneficial to be a good blogger rather than wasting your time on YouTube, I am not saying that YouTube is not a good career anymore but my personal perspective is the amount of hard work which is being done in creating videos on YouTube is not equivalent to the money that YouTube be created via advertising and other means even it has been loaded that the revenue rates per 1000 video views on YouTube has gone decreased day by day while on the other side in blogging the we get very high advertising revenue as compared to YouTube, also now a day it is very easy to get your blog approved by Google AdSense if it is in any local language as compared to English.

One more major big changes in the field of blogging and Google AdSense had made blogging a better career because prior to 2017 it was mandatory for any blog to get its maximum traffic from organic searches and it was is it that if you are getting much traffic from social media rather than organic search of Google then it was lot of problems that your ads account may be suspended but now in 2019 it is noted that now Google is not taking it much seriously and people are free to use maximum traffic from any social media such as YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc.

One another factor has greatly impacted this business because initially the beginners blogger don’t know how to optimize their website or blog according to search engine which is called SEO , i.e search engine optimization, and we have to hire in SEO expert for this purpose but nowadays there are lot of easy plugin and use of WordPress has made it possible that any individual beginners blogger or website designer or developer can easily optimize his website according to search engine by using various available plugins in the market .

As we all know that the algorithm of Google changes with time and a big change was made when use of backlinks and its creation is changed to do follow link and nofollow links because people what intelligent in 2016 and find fake and spamming way to build backlinks on their new website which Google detected and changed that if any website have number of backlinks but if it is not from a quality website then it would not be considered positively. Then people started another way of creating backlinks which is genuine such as guest posting and social media signals.

Mainly social media influence had not changed the way of blogging because Google Now believe this thing that if you have a good following in our social media account then you website is genuine and the traffic which will get from do social media links and references can turn your traffic into money

Final conclusion – In year  2019, my suggestion would be career in blogging is much brighter then a video creator in terms of money but if you are interested in being famous then of course YouTube could be a much better platform than blogging otherwise if you are only concerned about money then go ahead with blogging nothing could beat it in terms of revenue when it compared with the hard work which you do on writing articles than creating and editing videos for your YouTube channel. The situation is even worst when a video creator is creating funny videos on such channels most of its revenue goes to the copyright owner of the music which you used for enhancing your videos, but still on the other hand side if you are creating any educational , technical channels then the condition is not so bad and yes I do admit that YouTube gives you feel growing and popularity with money but blogging does not give you much more Fame popularity but it gives you use a lot of money for the hard work you do in writing articles so it’s your decision that what you wish to select your career in 2019 either YouTube or blogging.

Final decision of YouTube channel under review for monetization.

A lot of YouTube creators across the globe are awaiting from very long time to hear the final decision taken on their channel regarding monetization

But YouTube is taking enough time, there are several creators who had completed 4000 hours of watch time on their YouTube channel as well as 1000 subscribers even more than 6 months ago  but still YouTube is saying that they have not yet taken any decision regarding monetization of few channels because we find that their content is on boundary line of our community guidelines so they had decided to do a secondary review of such channels.

Now let’s understand which kind of YouTube channels are rejected for secondary review, few examples of channels are given below

  • Those YouTube channels who are creating fake news or false informative videos and making Public fool for views and subscribers. For example there are lot of videos on politics, Ayurvedic medicines, beauty tips, education which are not fare for any video sharing platform.
  • YouTube channels which are creating videos with automated voice over on pictures slides videos or animation, in such cases where creator creativity is very less or negligible search videos or not eligible for any channel to be successfully review for monetization, where as if people are showing their faces or including their own commentary using their own voice is allowed
  • There are several YouTube channels which are using reused content in their videos for example poetry, chutkule, WhatsApp videos, prayers, Shlok common newspaper articles, book questions articles etc. If any channel is reusing such contents which are created by someone else and even if the YouTube creator is doing its creativity in unfair manners then these channels will also not be considered for eligible to be monetized
  • Getting maximum views and watch time from third party contents such as WhatsApp coma Facebook Instagram then in such cases the watch time achieved on the YouTube channel to complete 4000 hours watchtime will not be considered if the organic and natural views and watch time time r less than 60%
  • Uses of copyrighted content in videos more than YouTube fair usage policy, as we all know that on YouTube it is allowed to use third party contents such as video footage music or graphics under fair usage which tells us to use the content with less than 30% and the purpose should be very clear the allowed purposes are educational purpose, training, criticism, commentary, review and reactions. If any channel containing videos in unfairness manners will not be considered for eligible to be monetized.

Hence the final decision regarding monetization of those channels which are pending from last 6 months will be announced in the last week of December 2018 or in the first week of January 2019 once the announcement will be done YouTube and we will update this article immediately to inform the YouTube creators so please follow my YouTube channel my smart support and we subscribe and press the bell button to get notified earliest.

Now Earn from Facebook Videos by Fb Watch or Ad Break Programe in India

Just Like Youtube’s Partner program in which video creators are directly paid for advertisement revenue split of 55% in the very similar manner Facebook had just launched a program called facebook watch or ad break in which advertisements will be served within the video of the creator who publish video on facebook , Here also facebook is offering a revenue split of 45:55 percent to his publishers , This program is launched by fb in order to take a tight fight against google most popular video sharing platform named as youtube.

Here is the Eligibility criteria which you need to fulfill in order to get started and monetize your fb videos:

  1. You must have a Facebook page with 10k followers , Remember any personal profiles will not be monitised.
  2. Your Video length or duration must be minimum of 3 minutes or more longer , Those videos which are less than 3 minutes will not be monetised and ads will not be served on such videos.
  3. The most tough rule is you need to have overall 30,000 video views on your page but most importantly only those views will be considered who had a watch time of minimum 1 minutes , for example some one click on your video and watches up to 59 seconds even then it will now be counted as a one single view. So it is necessary to have 60 second minimum watch time on each video to be counted for eligibility of 30000 views.
  4. Your Video should follow facebook community guidelines and copyright guidelines and as of now for India the supported language is English , Hindi , Malayalam, Bengali and telgu. I hope in coming future they will ad soon more languages.
  5. Your country should be in the list of eligible countries , and thank fully India is now eligible country list from November 2018.

So guy’s if you fulfills all the above mentioned terms and conditions then your page will be eligible for ads to be served on your video and there are several types of ads including video ads which are skippable as well as non skippable .

Payment Threshold & Mode : Once any Creator on facebook reaches the payment threshold of 100 usd , his payment will be issued in the next month via Electronic fund transfer , wire transfer or even paypal , depending upon the country the mode of payments are different in some country the payment is done via western union transfer as well .

Facebook Audience Network will be responsible for all billing & tracking your earnings related issues just like you check in google’s adsense . Here if your page got eligible for the Video monetisation then you need to join facebook audience network , ther you need to enter your billing and tax information along with address and bank account details for receiving payments.

Google Adsense New Update for Bloggers & Web Publishers for Multiple Websites

On October 29th 2018 , Google had made a big change in its policy regarding displaying google ads on multiple websites and blogs . As we all know that prior to October 2018, if we have a fully approved google adsense account then we were allowed to place those ads code  to any other multiple websites or blogs to display ads and earn revenue. But people started  miss using it and started implementing those approved ads codes to Sammy Event blogging websites and Embedding those ads codes with third party services like Whatsapp Viral Scripts temporally for generating massive income . it was also reported that these ads were being displayed on semi adult contents in mass , Hence Google advertisers reacted t this issue and started pulling their advertisement campaign from google adwords. Hence in order to protect its advertisers and its loyal publishers this step was taken by google on 29 oct 2018.

According to this update , Now if you have any fully approved google adsense account for any particular blog or website , you are only allowed to implement those ads code on that particular website only , Suppose if you have more than one website or you are willing to monetize other blogs with google ads , then you don’t need to open any other new adsense account , just you need to g to – add sites option available on adsense dashboard and submit the full url of your new website , or blogs where you wish to place ads.

Once you submit your other websites or blogs for approval , then google will inspect your website in two expects .

1 . You need to verify the ownership of that blog or website ,By this google wants t know that you holds the editing rights or not, for this process you will be provided three different options and you can choose any one and verify the ownership.verification options are :

a: Download and upload any given web page to your root folder of website .

b: Add the given short code to the template of your webpage.

c: If you are using Godaddy Registration account , you will be asked to open oath and login with your google account & grant the asked permissions.

  1. Your Website or blog will be reviewed bt googles employee against the parameters & guidelines which are made for approval process of website and blog, if your new blog meets those all requirements then those sites will be approved and you will be allowed to implement ads code of your existing adsense account to your newly approved website and blog.

The Genuine Event blogging website will be badly effected by this new update , because event blogging websites which were create to keep in mind of upcoming big event of festivals just few weeks ago or a month ago , hence previously if you have any old adsense account people uses that codes on their event blog , but now after this update they will have to get a fresh approval.