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This is special scenario happening now in channels which give content on crypto currency market. As the market is at very low from February so people lost hope n stopped watching this content. International youtubers stopped making videos, big indian youtuber with 1-3lakh subscribers like money guru, open 4 profit, money king also making videos very rarely. Now they are getting hardly 10k subs vth 3 lakh subs. I started this channel 4 months back ” Crypto Market Today”  i give core technology related content but still i am struggling at 170 subs and getting 40-50 views. So will this be my good chance to get subscribers as big youtubers are not making videos or am I wasting time. I have good software job vth decent salary. But out of passion i am making videos. Still people are not interested in this Crypto currency market but this unstability will be temporary in few months market will come back and these big youtubers will start making 3-4 videos at that time. Please suggest me.  This is my channel :  https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCgkNkoe_PVYw5zPmMN0dftg

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