What is Viewers Applaud /Applause Button on Youtube

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So, here is a piece of good news from YouTube for the YouTubers. There is an update from YouTube to bring a new monetization feature,i.e, Viewers Applaud/Applause Button. It means clapping or praising.

YouTube Applaud feature was announced in December and YouTube said that as an experiment they are giving this feature to 1% of YouTubers. And after that, it was confirmed on 12th February. YouTube has started rolling out its new monetization in India too. Many Indian YouTubers had got this feature and gradually everyone will get this feature soon.

What is Viewers Applaud Button?

It is a new way for fans to donate to their favorite YouTube creators. YouTubers can now get paid directly from the viewers.

Viewer Applaud Button will be presented with a small clapping button located beside the dislike button. By clicking the button, the viewers are allowed to donate money to their favorite content creators. In India, a single fan can donate maximum 40 rupees at a time and can applaud again from which 30% will be taken by the Youtube and 70% will be given to the content creator, i.e, 12 rupees will be taken by YouTube and 28 rupees will be given to the content creator.

How to Enable Viewers Applaud Button?

To enable Viewers Applaud Button you must be in YouTube’s Partner Program(YPP) and your channel monetization must be on.

So to activate this feature go to your channel. Now go to YouTube Studio and then scroll down and go to the monetization option. There you will get many options like an advertisement, merchandise, etc. But you need to go to the Super option. There you will get Viewers Applause, which you have to enable. After enabling the Viewers Applaud Button, it will be activated in your channel within 24 hours.

Suppose if you have not got this option of Viewers Applaud then your channel has not got this feature yet. No need to worry about this, under 1-2 months it will be enabled to everyone’s channel.