10 Things you must know before you Start Blogging

10 Things you must know before you Start Blogging
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Blogging is easy and you can make a lot of money with it but before you start blogging here are 10 things you must know before you start your first Blog.

We have discussed Blogging million times and everyone says you can make a lot of money with blogging but before you begin it, you must know a few things. There are plenty of questions that arise in the minds of people like you who want to start Blogging. These are some FAQs that most people want to know and it’s true that you must be aware of these facts in the field of blogging.

10 Things you must know before you start Blogging

1. Cost Factor

No matter who it is but everyone wants to go with free stuff available online. And, there are a lot of free tools available online. If you do not this then its a fact of knowing that you can get almost everything including a domain and hosting for free.

But, let us be honest here if you are looking for free stuff then you are losing a lot of stuff with some free stuff. Just imagine, why would anyone give you anything for free? Those who are giving you something for free have s0ome hidden motives, for example, they can place their own ads and make money from your traffic.

So consider this fact that if you want to be a long run player in the industry and genuine want to do a hassle free work then please be ready to spend some money.

2. Domain and Hosting providers

The domain is the name of your website or the URL that will appear on the Browser. And, hosting is the server space that will host the content on your website.


So, the question is from where to buy domain and hosting? Let’s be honest here, you can buy your domain from anywhere but make sure that they allow you to change nameservers. Nameservers are the names of the server where your domain is hosted. If you are buying a domain and hosting from the same company then nameservers do not matter but if you are buying both these separately which you can. Then you will have to change nameservers and there are a lot of Domain Registrars that don’t allow people to change the Nameservers.

some of the popular Domain Registers are Godaddy, Bigrock, Hostgator, etc. and you can also buy hosting from these companies.

3. Best Hosting

There are a lot of hosting providers and most of them are very cheap but you should know this that cheap hosting is not going to work for you. Firstly, you should know that you can buy shared hosting and you don’t need a dedicated server in the beginning.

You can buy a shared hosting plan that can handle at least 100 Real-Time visitors at a time. And buy some moderate hosting from Godaddy, Hostgator, Hostinger or any hosting provider of your choice. Bluehost, A2 Hosting, Siteground are also some of the great options to consider. But

make sure that you don’t buy a hosting plan for a year. Buy it for say three months so that you can upgrade it whenever needed.

4. Site Security


Security is one of the main aspects considered by any visitor at least by Search engines. Yes, Google will not rank your website until you have HTTPS enabled on your website. And, if you are wondering its very costly and complicated part to get the SSL on your website.

You can buy SSL Certificate from your hosting provider and they will charge huge money for it. Even it is possible that your hosting company may provide you for free. Yes, some hosting providers do this. And, there is a website called Cloudflare that gives you free SSL and as a beginner all you need is security and they do it for you.

5. Page Speed matters


Security is important and page speed is more important for search engines. And, here again, hosting plays another big role in rankings. No one wants to visit a website which is slow and neither does Google want a slow page to rank on their website. There is one more factor involved here if someone visits your website and the site is slow, its obvious that he/she will press the back button and that would increase your Bounce rate.

Increase in bounce rate will reduce your ranking in Search Results. So, buy a good hosting with unlimited bandwidth and make your pages fast with AMP version-enabled.

6. Creative Writing


Writing is the main part of Blogging and you will have to write very creatively. There are a lot of people already writing in your niche and you are also there. In order to get some traffic, you will have to be creative and different from others. The ideal way to start Blogging is to get some content ready first then only start with Blogging. And if you are not ready to write some fresh content then hires someone for the writing purpose. There are a lot of freelance writers in the market charging very cheap rates. But make sure that you are not deteriorating the quality of content.

The main aspects of writing are simplicity and creativity.

7. Marketing vs Writing

As we mentioned above writing is the key but let’s say you posted 100 articles but still you are not getting traffic. This is because you haven’t marketed well. In the modern world, the marketing of the product is more important than the actual product.

What we are saying is that you have created your blog and posted a few posts, now is the time to do some marketing work. Find some emails and send them your posts with some greetings and try to get some traffic from social media. Google Adwords is also a part of marketing. we are not asking you to pay for ads but consider it as an option if you have the money for it.

8. Social Media is the key


Marketing is the most important aspect and Social media is the heart of marketing. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin, Pinterest, etc. are some of the examples of Social Media and they deliver great traffic to most of the blogs. There are a lot of websites who get millions of social traffic daily.

Websites like Quora and Pinterest are great to get traffic to your website. If you are looking for ad campaigns consider these social platforms too. getting social shares is always good and make it a habit to share your posts on a regular basis.

9. Innovation

Marketing is necessary but it is always wasted if you don’t have some fresh content. You will have to be innovative and write something different from the market. Because remember this that CONTENT IS THE KING.

Focus on your content, make it simple but innovative and write something that nobody has done in the past. Innovation always pays you.


You are writing some fresh content and also you are very innovative plus you are paying good money for your ads but what if you are not consistent?

All you have to do is be consistent with your work. Yes, if you are posting content on a weekly basis, do it. And, make sure that you do not miss the quality of your content.

These are some of the things that you must consider before you start a blog. Blogging requires a lot of skills like creativity, consistency, patience and your content because remember Content is the King.

Let us know in the comments how well are you doing in your blogging career?