10 Tricks for New Youtubers in 2019

10 Tricks for New Youtubers in 2019
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Youtube is like the most favorite way to make money online and everyone tries it once. But do you know that most people fail on Youtube? But why? This is because they don’t know the exact method that they should follow. Here we are with 10 tricks for new YouTubers that they should try to grow their youtube channel quickly.

It is easy to grow Youtube Channel but you should know the right path to do it. And, if you are here reading this, you already chose a path for your successful Youtube career. These are tricks for new YouTubers that will work fine for you to get views and subscribers in the initial phase.

100% Working Tricks for New YouTubers 2019

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1. Title

Your Title is the most important part of your video because this is how people are going to search for your video. Now, you have to keep in mind What is the central idea of your video? Does your title reflect what you are saying in the video? If your title is attractive enough people are going to watch your videos and it helps in ranking in search results. Keep in mind that:

  • You use a short Title
  • Your Title reflects Keywords
  • It shall not mislead viewers
  • It is searchable

2. Description

After Title, Description plays another important role in your video. Try to write as long as possible. This works as a tool to measure keyword density and helps in ranking. The best way is to write a short blog about your video including the keywords. Here you can do a trick by copy-pasting the blog from Google search. Make sure that you include keywords in your description.

3. Tags

Youtube’s algorithm identifies your video by its tags. You have to be very careful while putting the tags on your videos. Tags shall represent the content of your video as this will help you in ranking. Do keyword research, find keywords that are related to your topic and put them as tags. You should also include these tags in Title and description of your video. Do not use more than ten tags as this will spam your video. Make it a habit of putting 5 tags relevant to your video and 2-3 mistaken tags like spelling mistakes.

4. Thumbnail

Thumbnail comes first before your video and if someone finds your thumbnail attractive then only he/she is going to click on your video. Firstly use a High-Resolution Thumbnail and it shall be eye catchy. It should represent your video be such attractive that whoever sees it shall click on the video. Most people try to do Clickbait Thumbnails which is fair but to a certain extent only.

5. Watch Time

Initially, when you upload a video, Youtube puts it in the search results if you have used proper Title, Description, and tags. But then after 12-24 hours, it all depends on the Watch Time that your video gets. If you have a Clickable Thumbnail, people are going to click on your video but they watch only if it is relevant and watchable. So, all you have to do is put your efforts in your content because that is what matters.

6. Trending vs Evergreen

This is the most asked question whether to make videos on trending topics or ever green content. It is quite Controversial to talk about but if you are a beginner the ideal way is to make Evergreen Content first. This is because you don’t have an audience initially and if you are able to rank your content this will generate views. And, meanwhile, you can try trending topics which can make your videos viral if you get a huge audience all of a sudden you will need to have some content to retain that audience.

7. Keywords Research

Now, the question is why you should do keyword research? Well, this is important because you have a very limited audience and the only way you can get viewers is by search results. So, you will have to use proper tags, title and description to be ranked in the search result. There are a few free tools for keyword research like Google’s Keyword Planner, Keywords Everywhere Chrome Extension, Keyword Shitter, Ubersugest etc.

8. Consistency

Consistency is the key because it does not matter how good videos you make but how regular you make is more important. People start making videos and after a few videos they are like now I can’t make videos as my Channel is not growing. This matters the most because Youtube considers your content regularity and if you are consistently uploading videos there are greater chances to grow your channel faster. We are not asking you to upload daily video but consistency in terms of regular intervals.

9. Content Engagement

No one wants to watch boring videos and this is the part where you can work on. Try to make your content as engaging as possible to get more watch time and views. Ask your viewers to Like or Dislike your video depending upon their preferences. It does not matter if you get more dislikes than likes because you are getting some sort of engagement. Give a question to which your audience can answer on in the form of comments.

10. Social Shares

Social shares are also quite important. Firstly, you directly get views because if someone shares your video, it increases its reach and there are chances that you get more views. But more important thing is that it helps in the video ranking in Google searches and Youtube searches too. Always ask your viewers to share the video with friends and family. Most people are likely to share the video but they don’t care but if you remind them they are going to do it.

These are some tricks for new Youtubers that can generate you huge traffic in intial stages of your Youtube career. First thing is to focus on your content and then the SEO part. This includes Keyword Research, Title, Tags and Description of the video. Also, do not forget the importance of Thumbnail and always ask for engagement in the form of Likes, Shares, and Comments.

What are your tricks as a Youtuber in 2019?