11 Ways to Make Money with Youtube 2019

11 Ways to Make Money with Youtube 2019
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With the growing number of viewers and ever-growing competition on Youtube, it is getting harder and harder to make money and here we are with 11 different ways to make money with Youtube in 2019.

Youtube is such a big platform that we cannot even imagine. there are a huge number of people creating content in almost every niche competing with each other. Competition is so tough and the revenue is continuously falling down but guess what most of the creators aren’t aware of all of the sources to make money with. Apart from the Youtube Partner program, there are plenty of other options to make money with youtube.

Well! you don’t need to worry anymore about anything regarding Youtube and declining earnings from Youtube because here we are with 11 Ways to Make Money with Youtube.

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1. Google Adsense

ways to make money with youtube

This is the most common and properly known method of making money on Youtube. All you have to do is create content and Sign up for the Google Adsense that will display ads on your videos and you will get paid. However, you need to fulfill certain criteria to sign up for the Adsense and be a part of the Youtube Partner Program. Currently, Youtube asks you to have at least 1000 subscribers and 4000 hours of watch time on your channel. But yes, this is the most popular way to make money on Youtube.

2. Sponsorships

Youtube is vast and a huge number of people shifting to digital content and youtube from TV. And, this generates another easy and simple way to make money for creators. As people are switching to Youtube brands are also switching to Youtube for the promotions. if you have a certain viewership on your channel, brands will automatically contact you and ask for sponsored content. It may be a whole video or just a part of a video. But this will give you huge money as this is the major part of the creator’s revenue now.

ways to make money with youtube

3. Super Chat

Super chat is something viewers pay you to get their comments highlighted when you are live streaming and chats are enabled. Yes, this is obvious and there are people who make lacs of rupees just by live streaming games and getting super chats. This happens because when you are live on Youtube, people try to ask you or just mention their thoughts by commenting live but if there are a huge number of comments it is difficult for the creator to reply every viewer. So, viewers make super chats to get their comments replied and the creator can make money out of it.

4. Channel Membership

Channel membership is another great option to make money nowadays for Youtubers. If you have more than 30000 subscribers on your channel, Youtube allows you to start membership for your viewers where they can join it by paying a monthly fee of Rs 159/month. this gives them some exclusive rights and as a creator, you can upload exclusive content for your members. But all in all its a great way to make money.

5. Affiliate Marketing

what is affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is a well-known method across the industry.  So, what happens in Affiliate Marketing is you start selling a product from an e-commerce site which is not owned by you. But, you will make money as a commission for selling the product. You can start selling products from affiliate networks by promoting them on your Youtube channel and make money out of it.

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6. Sell your own Product

Affiliate products are great that give you a huge commission but what if you start selling your own product. You can have total control on your product as to cost and profit margin. the great way is to create some digital products like an e-book or paid courses etc. here you can promote your course on your channel and ask them to purchase it by telling the features and usefulness of it.

7. Make Money with Blogging

ways to make money with youtube

Blogging is another great option to make money online but how does it relate to Youtube. firstly, let’s understand what Blogging exactly is? In simple terms, Blogging is writing. So if you are passionate about writing then only go ahead with Blogging. It includes a lot of other things like SEO, marketing, social media, etc. but the simple word is writing. So start writing and place ads on your website. Now the easiest way to get traffic is from youtube as you already have a lot of traffic on your channel.


8. Create Your own Courses

if you are good at something, you do it perfectly then this is the time to do something. create an online course and start selling it via your Youtube channel. Make an elaborate video explaining everything how your course is relevant to your audience and ask them to purchase it if they need. This way you can charge a fee for the course and make huge money out of it.

9. Sell Merchandise

ways to make money with youtube

Merchandise is the most popular among popular Youtubers as people like to wear what their favorite creator is endorsing. Merchandise includes a lot of stuff like t-shirts, Hoodies, caps bangles, bands, etc probably everything you can say. So, you can hire someone who can make such stuff for you and start a sales campaign online and ask your viewers to buy it. you may not trust this but this can give you more revenue than you are currently making from your Adsense account.

10. Paid Promotion

ways to make money with youtube

We already discussed sponsorship but how paid promotion is different from sponsorship. this is mainly for tech creators where they charge a fee for the paid promotion for their reviews or coverage of a certain product. If you don’t believe this it happens, yes whenever a new product is launched, brands approach creators to get coverage and pay them so that they get positively endorsed. So, if you are someone into product reviews, this is so great as you get directly paid for a single video make huge money.

11. Freelance Video creator/Editor

it is quite difficult to grow on Youtube and make money but if you are someone passionate about video or film making then Youtube teaches you most of the things. Whether you grow or not but you learn Video creation and film making. This is another skill that you have and you can utilize it for some other career. Yes, you can start freelancing as a video editor or something else. If Youtube is not giving you revenue this will definitely give you.

These are some of the popular ways to make money with Youtube that genuinely work and are tried and tested across the industry. So, you can rely on these and practice any of these or all of it to make huge money with youtube.

Its quite difficult to make money but you must have multiple sources so as to have some sort of security.

New Way to Make money with Youtube 2019

Do let us know which of these ways to make money with youtube did you follow?