25 New Blogging Niche Ideas 2019

25 New Blogging Niche Ideas 2019
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It is very easy to make money online and Blogging is the pillar of online earning. But Blogging is very tough and there are billions of blogs already out there. To help you, start Blogging here we are with 25 Blogging Niche Ideas in 2019.

If we believe in research there is a blog for every seven people. So, you can imagine how competitive Blogging is? You have to be very patient and follow your passion. Blogging is not like the following someone but creating your own plan for success. In this competitive world of Blogging, we have 25 new Blogging niche ideas in 2019.

Blogging Niche Ideas 2019

  • Gaming

Gaming is a totally new world and with the growth of PUBG, this is growing every minute. There are kids addicted to PUBG and battle Royale but think of business perspective. Those who are very much indulged in Gaming are looking for the latest updates, tips and tricks, hacks for the gaming sector. Now there is a new Game called APEX Legends and this one is going to rule the world of gaming for upcoming years. We can’t say anything about gaming but it is definitely going to grow with the growth of the internet.

You can also start Micro Niche Blogs with a unique game and blog about only a game like PUBG, APEX COC etc.

  • Gift ideas

In India, we always have some festival going around and it is the time to exchange gifts. We are not talking about Diwali when we have the regular Son Papdi. Jokes a side! But in some occasions like festival, birthday, anniversary or some auspicious day, we love to gift our loved ones. But, it is always difficult to find a perfect gift for someone special. If you can help other in this situation, you can make a lot of money. Firstly, you will make a lot of money with Affiliate marketing by product recommendation.

  • Relationship

This is a age-old and always green idea to start relationship Blog. If you can guide others in their relationship, you will build a huge fan base and people will listen to you. And, if you have an audience base on any platform, making money becomes easy. You cam recommend any product or even your own product. Start posting your unique ideas and suggestions in the form of relationship advice and eventrually you will grow very fast.

  • Personal Finance   

Making Money is easy but it is difficult to save it. And if you can help others saving their money you can make a lot of money. There was a time when Blogging was limited to a sphere but now everyone want to search everything on Google. And, this gives you an opportunity to make money by guiding them. Personal Finance is a niche that can generate you huge money but you have to help others with your unique ideas. Affiliate Income can be very huge as even if you generate a single lead banks can pay you big money.

  • Pet Care

Everyone love pets but those who really love their pet take care of their pets. There was a time when people used to ask consultation but now with such a easy access of Internet people prefer to find things online. You can build a blog helping people how to take care of their pets and how to feed them? This is your knowledge that can be very useful for others

  • Book Reviews

Books are real friends and you can always find them helpful. Those who love reading books trying to find the best books and if you have read a book, you can post your review on the Blog. This can be a very unique idea to make a blog where you post book reviews. And, even a strong point could be of building a website where others can post their reviews too on a large scale.

  • Fashion

Fashion is always subject to time and you never know what could be the new trend. The guy you used to call Champoo! could be the next fashion icon especially in this world of the Internet. If you have good judgment about fashion and you can advise others about the latest fashion then guess what. This is a Blogging idea that can help you make billions of Dollars by just writing those ideas in Blog.

  • Lifestyle

There are a lot of people making billion dollar money by just sharing their lifestyle to be it in the form of video or text. Yes, if you start writing about your lifestyle or sharing lifestyle hacks, you can make money on Blogging. Lifestyle is not limited to urban people or some fancy stuff but you can share your simple life and people like to know about it.

  • Grooming

Now, everyone wants to look good and presentable and if you can help them in their grooming, you can make money out of it. There was a time when nobody cared about how they look but now in this camera savvy world everyone wants to take selfies and this is an opportunity for you to start your blog on Men and women grooming. How to wear clothes properly, how to hairstyle etc.

  • Education

Education or online learning is a niche that is going very rapidly. Now, there are online classes going on but if you start Blogging on this niche and start providing them content for free. You will make money with AdSense and affiliate marketing. You can make online courses you can charge for but post free lectures first.

  • Travel

We all love traveling and travel stories. If you love traveling that everyone does but if you travel too then this is a perfect niche for you.  We are not suggesting you post travel stories which you can do too but we are recommending you to tell the world travel plan. You can write about how to start a journey and how to book places with the bare minimum expenses. If you start doing this, you will even get sponsored trips too.

  • Home Décor

Everyone wants to look good and make their surroundings look good too. The first thing that comes to surrounding is home and people want their home to look good. If you can help others decorating their home, you can make huge cash with it. The first thing you can recommend products and people follow the affiliate link you will post and Google Adsense is always there for you.

  • Business ideas

Just like we are suggesting you Blogging niche ideas, you can help others by suggesting business ideas. Not just the business ideas but a full proof plan on how to start a business with the investment required and legalities involved in the process. This way you can be a business consultant and help others making money.

  • Online earning

Online Earning is an age-old niche but it still works fine because everyone wants to make money. Everyone knows how to make money online but they don’t know how to start and grow online. If you can help people with a full strategic plan on how to make money with the Internet. Say, for example, if you post something like HOW TO MAKE MONEY WITH BLOGGING, this may not work well but if you post the same content like this – HOW TO MAKE $1000 MONTHLY WITH BLOGGING. This becomes a plan and everyone want to know a plan not the idea.

  • Health

The healthy lifestyle is the new market and if you can target this, you can make huge money out of it. Fitness Industry is growing very fast and you need to capture this. With the growing awareness of healthy living, you can tell people how to live a healthy life. A healthy life includes healthy products, healthy food, healthy atmosphere, healthy lifestyle totally.

  • Nutrition

It is quite difficult to find the perfect nutrition for a normal person and if you can help this becomes a perfect niche. Blogging is not easy but when you have a niche that you perfectly know about, it becomes easy for you. You can write about the nutritional values we receive from daily in taking and amount nutrition an average person needs. You can generate clients for consultancy and can sell your own product or do affiliate marketing.

  • Yoga

Yoga is the gift of India to the world and people from the west make a lot of money with something that is ours. And, we neglect it but there is a growing importance of Yoga in the modern world. There are people who do Yoga training and make millions of Dollars and what are you doing despite having the knowledge of Yoga? Yes, you need to have knowledge first then only you can teach others. So, learn and then start teaching others the importance of yoga.

  • Weight Loss

Health is the prime niche but Weight loss is another separate niche from Health. There are people who are looking for the perfect diet plan, training programme, and a coach who can help them lose their weight. And, you can be the one who can help them lose their weight. You can share weight loss stories and make money out of it.

  • Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing is another separate way to make money but you can make money by teaching Affiliate Marketing to others. There are a lot of websites paying hugely for Affiliate sales and you can tell others about this. You can post about Top 10 Affiliate platforms, How to generate Sales from Affiliate Marketing etc. Or you can create a website listing the best products and make money from Affiliate Marketing.

  • Job Notifications

Everyone wants a good job and want to make money but they don’t know about the corporate openings and available vacancies. You can make a website to post about the latest job openings in different sectors and guess what with this you can build an email subscription list. With this email list you can make Affiliate sales and a lot more. Government Job website is the classic niche and evergreen.

  • Journalism

We always visit news websites and try to find out if anything new there. But mostly what happens is we see the same stories again and again but we miss the opportunity. What you can do here is create a website where you can post news stories from different people, different society etc. If you come up with something new why wouldn’t you succeed? Start a website that has some success stories and people love to read such stuff.

  • Interviews

The interview is a talk session with someone popular and this is something people want to read. Everyone wants to know about the life story of a successful person and by giving them what they want you can make money. You can start a Blog posting Interviews with someone popular in a niche. You can conduct interviews over the phone, skype, or any other medium but post about it.

  • Event

There are a lot of events happening every day and if you can make a list of upcoming events, Congratulations! You are all set to take over the new world. There are a lot of people who want to know about the events happening in their city and if you are giving them what they want they are going to be with you. Once you have a large number of audience you can even approach event organizers for paid coverage.

  • Biography

Who doesn’t want to be successful and people love to know about someone who is successful? Well, if you start writing about successful people in different segments of life you will easily get traffic and even you can approach the person you are writing about to share with their audience. Biographies are getting more popular nowadays as people want to know more about they are following.

  • Digital marketing

Digital Marketing is on its peak it ever was and it is going to grow day by day. It includes a lot of things like Content Marketing, SEO, Social Media, Web Development etc. and there is a huge demand for Digital Marketers. If you learn about Digital Marketing and start writing about your knowledge you can make huge money with Blogging and can acquire clients through this.

It is good to know more about the trending topics but you can not write about anything unless you have a passion for it. There are a lot of people who start Blogging but only a few succeed. Those who have the inner desire and passion for writing. Because remember this you have to be consistent even if you don’t grow and that is the struggle that makes you successful.

These are some new Blogging Niche Ideas you can follow but ask yourself if you can write at least a hundred posts without expecting anything in return. And if you are ready to take this challenge, go ahead with Blogging and follow your passion. This will definitely make you a successful Blogger but you have to wait for the perfect time.

What are your ideas for Blogging in 2019?