Best Mic For Youtubers to begin with in 2019

Best Mic For Youtubers to begin with in 2019
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Audio is one of the most important aspects of any video which is mostly ignored by those who are new on youtube. So, here we are with the Best Mic for Youtubers, to begin with in 2019.

Visuals are a form of communication which is mostly preferred by people but do you know that no one wants to see you if they can’t hear you properly. Yes, it matters the most. Imagine if you have a 4K video playing in front of you but the audio is too worse, why would you watch such a video?

So, firstly you need to work on your audio part as those who are watching your videos want to listen to good sound. And, this is the list of Best Mic for Youtubers, to begin with, that will help you improve the quality of your content drastically.

Here are Best Mic for Youtubers:

Best Mic for Youtubers

Phone’s inbuilt Mic

best mic for youtubers

Nowadays, smartphones are getting very powerful but you must be wondering how does it make any difference? So, the difference is that currently you are recording videos with the phone’s inbuilt mic but that is through video recording. But, what we are advising is to do the audio recording separately even with your phone. And, this will give you the best possible audio quality with your phone. You can use a software called Parrot Audio Recorder to best utilize your Phone’s microphone.


if you are not able to find another phone to record your audio files separately then you can use the earphones that you get with your phone. But, nowadays this is another p[roblem that almost every brand is trying not to give you earphones with the phone. But, you must be having some sort of earphone to listen to music and that will do the job if it has a microphone with it. And, if you are looking for cheap earphones with mic, you can go for Mi basics or Realme Buds under Rs 500 giving the best sound and mic quality.

Lapel Mic (Cheap)

best mic for youtubers

And, if you want a dedicated mic f0or cheap rate say Rs 150, guess what? You have microphones available in such a low budget too. Yes, you can buy cheap lapel mic from Amazon for rs 100-200 and these work perfectly fine. the only problem is that they may not work with all the smartphones. So, do check if they are compatible with your device or not. These are simple mic to clip and record with your phone or even DSLR.

Boya BY M1 Lapel Mic

best mic for youtubers

If you have a budget of around Rs 1000 to 1500 then stop looking here and there and blindly pick this mic from Boya. Boya is one of the trusted brands when it comes to audio part and this mic is one of the best as it is compatible with almost every phone and DSLR. And, that is the best part as you get a switch to switch between DSLR mode and phone mode. It has a long cable length of 6meters and works with every sort of device.

Boya BY MM1 Shotgun Mic

best mic for youtubers

This is another mic from Boya but this one is the shotgun type which is best suited for outdoors. If you are one doing vlogs and shooting videos outside then you must consider this one as the perfect choice. This cost somewhere around Rs 1800-2000 and are the best alternative of rode’s Video micro. And, talking about Rode we have Rode’s video Micro next in the list of Best Mic for Youtubers.

Rode VMGO Video Mic

best mic for youtubers

Rode’s Video Micro is the ultimate microphone for those who shoot outdoor videos say vloggers and you cannot replace it with any other mic. Boya is doing a perfect copy but not at this level and we are not even talking about the Video Micro. But we have the VMGO Video Mic which is the perfect one. It is battery operated and produces the best quality of output directly connected into the camera. The Video Micro sells for around Rs 5000 and VMGO Video Mic is slightly costlier by Rs 1000.

Blue Snowball

best mic for youtubers

It is a type of condenser mic and is for voiceover purpose. You can record voiceovers and even songs in a studio using this mic. It is a USB Mic and connects to your computer, not a camera or phone. So, you have to record audio separately but the quality is amazing here. It is not recommended for those who are just starting out with Youtube and have no knowledge about audio and video production. But, this is definitely a great choice for intermediate video producers.

Blue Yeti

best mic for youtubers

Blue Yeti is the perfect Mic but slightly costly and not at all for a beginner but is the best one. If you are one who has been doing videos for some time and can easily afford such a mic selling for arou8nbd Rs 12000 then it is like heaven for you. This will skyrocket your audio quality and produce the best sound. But this one too is USB mIC best suited for Voiceovers and studio recordings.

This is the list of Best Mic for Youtubers, to begin with in 2019 but do you really need a mic? As we have covered that the best mic is that you own right now, be it your phone or your earphones. You can use a smart audio recorder or Parrot Audio Recorder to boost up the audio recordings from your phone.

You can buy a Mic that best suits your requirements and your budget too.

So, what do you think can you produce better audio now?