Blogger vs WordPress Which one is better?

Blogger vs WordPress Which one is better?
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Blogger and WordPress are two major platforms for those who want to start blogging. As a blogger, you can start with WordPress or even Blogspot but which is better to start with?

WordPress is an opensource platform and anyone can build a website using WordPress. WordPress is software that can be installed on a website and it’s very easy to control;l the whole website from one place.

On the other hand, Blogspot or Blogger is a platform for bloggers provided by Google. Google created this where bloggers especially writers can start their writing profession.

Let us compare both of these platforms available for bloggers.

WordPress vs Blogger


Cost is the main aspect of any business you begin with but when it comes to blogging you can start with Blogger for free and even WordPress is free but you have to incur some cost first. Yes, technically even WordPress is free and it can be started for free too. But, its good to buy a domain and hosting space to install WordPress and set up a website. And, all this requires some cost.

On the other hand, you can actually start for free on Blogger. Its a platform by Google where you get a sub-domain of your blog with blogspot.com. But, if you want to buy a custom domain then you will only have to buy a domain, not the hosting.

While the ideal way is to buy a custom domain and connect it with Blogger. If you are wondering how to do that then click here.


By now, it’s almost clear that Blogger is cheap to start but when we talk about cheap things you also have to consider the control part. Yes, you do not get all the controls on Blogger as compared to WordPress. WordPress is like you are hosting it on a wholly owned set up where you have the DNS Control, Server control, and even the WordPress Control.

But with Blogger, you get only a few things like creating posts, pages, labels, etc. and not the actual control that we defined earlier.


Design is the most important part as this is how your website looks in public. Blogger enables you to customize a lot of things but flexibility is not as much as in WordPress. If you are one who knows to code then you can change almost everything on HTML and Java code. But otherwise, you will have to rely on themes. Both the platforms have a lot of themes for free and even premium. So, here almost everything is similar but WordPress is again on the upper side.


Security is another aspect that everyone is concerned about and we all know that Google is the most secure thing. When you are using Google’s platform then you are using their servers so you should not worry about security. Also, they give you free SSL and https is already enabled.

But this is not the case with your own website. You bought a server space that may be secured depending upon from where did you buy and how much money you paid for it also a  factor to consider. Again you will have to take care of SSL installation on your site. SSL and HTTPS are important because you won’t rank on Search Engines unless you are secured.


Blogger is a product of Google as, like Gmail, Youtube is it is all up to them if they want to continue it or not. Recently they shut down Google Plus and it’s up to them if they want to continue with a certain product or not.

On the other hand, when you paid for the domain and server space it’s all your and you will have to decide how long you want to be public with your site. So, your site is live till the time you are paying for it.


if you want to customize almost everything then we would not recommend you to go with Blogger as it will allow you to customize only a few things. It’s a different thing that those few things are a lot of things.

But to customize everything, go with the WordPress again.

By now, it must be clear that Blogger is comparatively cheap and secure but you do not get control of everything on Blogger and if you want to set up a professional Blog then Blogger is not the option. however, if you are just starting out then go with Blogger first and learn how Blogging works. Then you can spend on a professional website

If you are looking for our suggestion, then buy a custom domain for as cheap as Rs 99 and connect it with Blogger.

Let us know your thoughts about WordPress vs Blogger.