Blogging Vs Youtube ! Which is the best full time career in 2019

Blogging Vs Youtube ! Which is the best full time career in 2019
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In India from last 2 years, specially in 2018 lot of people who wish to make money from online, their first preference was to be a video creator on platforms such as YouTube and Tik Tok etc. But the current situation on YouTube which is one of the world’s biggest video sharing website has huge crowd. It seems that now in 2019 the number of video creators in India has exponentially grown, which has resulted less revenue and more competition which is making this platform really tough than blogging, if we considered the monetization eligibility has been made much difficult on YouTube rather than on a blog, as we all know that prior to 2017 it was considered that blogging is much difficult than YouTube, because it was difficult to approve a blog via Google AdSense at that time and monetizing a YouTube channel is very easy just create a channel upload videos and monetize it, but in 2017 due to Reliance jio effect in India lot of people get 4G data at very low price due which people in India started using YouTube and watching videos a lot and gradually they also came to know that you can make money by uploading videos on YouTube, that’s why in the beginning ok 2017 YouTube has changed its monetization eligibility criteria two requirement of 10000 views and 1000 subscribers. But after 1 year again in 2018 in April YouTube again revised its monetization eligibility criteria 4000 hours watch time and 1000 subscribers there after the channel will go in a manual review and after that the channel would be monetized.

This action had made YouTube as a tough career than blogging, on the other hand the crowd of the people who are trying to be a blogger very less due to which it is comparatively easier to approve Google AdSense account on any blog and specially whene Google started allowing blogs in different local languages such as Hindi, Bengali . Then now in 2019 it is much beneficial to be a good blogger rather than wasting your time on YouTube, I am not saying that YouTube is not a good career anymore but my personal perspective is the amount of hard work which is being done in creating videos on YouTube is not equivalent to the money that YouTube be created via advertising and other means even it has been loaded that the revenue rates per 1000 video views on YouTube has gone decreased day by day while on the other side in blogging the we get very high advertising revenue as compared to YouTube, also now a day it is very easy to get your blog approved by Google AdSense if it is in any local language as compared to English.

One more major big changes in the field of blogging and Google AdSense had made blogging a better career because prior to 2017 it was mandatory for any blog to get its maximum traffic from organic searches and it was is it that if you are getting much traffic from social media rather than organic search of Google then it was lot of problems that your ads account may be suspended but now in 2019 it is noted that now Google is not taking it much seriously and people are free to use maximum traffic from any social media such as YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc.

One another factor has greatly impacted this business because initially the beginners blogger don’t know how to optimize their website or blog according to search engine which is called SEO , i.e search engine optimization, and we have to hire in SEO expert for this purpose but nowadays there are lot of easy plugin and use of WordPress has made it possible that any individual beginners blogger or website designer or developer can easily optimize his website according to search engine by using various available plugins in the market .

As we all know that the algorithm of Google changes with time and a big change was made when use of backlinks and its creation is changed to do follow link and nofollow links because people what intelligent in 2016 and find fake and spamming way to build backlinks on their new website which Google detected and changed that if any website have number of backlinks but if it is not from a quality website then it would not be considered positively. Then people started another way of creating backlinks which is genuine such as guest posting and social media signals.

Mainly social media influence had not changed the way of blogging because Google Now believe this thing that if you have a good following in our social media account then you website is genuine and the traffic which will get from do social media links and references can turn your traffic into money

Final conclusion – In year  2019, my suggestion would be career in blogging is much brighter then a video creator in terms of money but if you are interested in being famous then of course YouTube could be a much better platform than blogging otherwise if you are only concerned about money then go ahead with blogging nothing could beat it in terms of revenue when it compared with the hard work which you do on writing articles than creating and editing videos for your YouTube channel. The situation is even worst when a video creator is creating funny videos on such channels most of its revenue goes to the copyright owner of the music which you used for enhancing your videos, but still on the other hand side if you are creating any educational , technical channels then the condition is not so bad and yes I do admit that YouTube gives you feel growing and popularity with money but blogging does not give you much more Fame popularity but it gives you use a lot of money for the hard work you do in writing articles so it’s your decision that what you wish to select your career in 2019 either YouTube or blogging.