Blogging vs Youtube – Which one to start in 2019?

Blogging vs Youtube – Which one to start in 2019?
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Online earning is a deep very deep ocean and Youtube and Blogging are two sharks of this Ocean. But what if you want to start online earning in 2019 and you are confused among which one to start. So, here we are with a massive comparison of Blogging vs Youtube and which one to start now as if the first half of 2019 is almost about to fade.

Before we begin to discuss the major differences in Blogging and Youtube, let us try to know first why online earning?

Why Online Earning?

blogging vs youtube

It is very much needed to know why you want to make money online as both Youtube and Blogging are ki8nd of two pillars of online earning. So, here are a few points that you need to know why Online Earning is better than traditional jobs:

  • Online Earning is very different from your jobs as you are your own boss here and nobody is going to order you anything if you do it or not.
  • You have the flexibility of doing your stuff the way you want to do and at what time you want to do. There is nobody who wants to be disciplined or time-bound but you have to be time bound.
  • It is very time-consuming. There are many cases where people make millions of dollars overnight but those just a random chance or they are lucky enough. But to make a big empire you have to be patient enough and keep working until the day comes when the cake is to be served.
  • Consistency is very important in online earning because if you are not giving your viewers what they want someone is already there to take your spot. So, you have to be very consistent in whatever you do.


Enough about Online earning and its philosophy, the point is that you need to be mentally prepared before you start anything by seeing others. Because it won’t matter if you are passionate enough to do anything. But before blogging vs youtube, you should know what it is which of course you know but still we are here to let you know.

What is Youtube?

blogging vs youtube

Youtube is basically a website where you can make money by uploading videos. And Google pays you for Ads being displayed on your videos. Now, if you are getting confused, why Google would pay for making videos. So, it5s simp0le Youtube is a product of Google and Google displays Ads on your content via Google Adsense and then you get paid. Let’s not get to the complexities but all you need to know is that you will have to make videos about anything maybe funny videos, educational, tutorials or anything you want.

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What is Blogging?

blogging vs youtube

In simple terms, Blogging is writing. So if you are passionate about writing then only go ahead with Blogging. It includes a lot of other things like SEO, marketing, social media, etc. but the simple word is writing. So now, you have decided to start Blogging because you are passionate about writing. Congratulations! You are on the track of Blogging and have great potential in it. All you need to start Blogging in a professional way is to make a website and start posting things you know.

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Now you have the idea about Online Earning, Blogging and Youtube, so lets come to the bigger picture and discuss Blogging vs Youtube.

Blogging vs Youtube

blogging vs youtube

How to Start

The first question that comes is how to start Blogging or Youtube. Youtube is simply making videos. But, first you have to create a channel on Youtube and then you can start up0loading videos there. So, there is no cost involved here and you can start making videos and start uploading them on Youtube. But to start Blogging, you will have to create a website first where you can start writing.  We have already covered this on How to start Blogging in 2019? You may have to incur some expenses here.

Investment Required

As we already mentioned, it is free to start Youtube but you may buy some equipment to make videos. You need a camera and mic to record videos and a computer to edit those videos. But, the best way is to start with the equipment that you already have like the phone that you have or the computer or laptop that you own. And, we are pretty6 much sure that you have a device that is how you are reading this, right? So it can be said that you can start Youtube without spending a single penny.

And here is a major difference in Blogging vs Youtube as you have to invest something to start Blogging and you need to buy a domain name and a hosting server to host your content. If you want you can even start it for free with Blogspot but that does not make sense if you want to be a long run player.

Skills Required

To grow any business or profession, you need some basic skills and neither Youtube nor Blogging is an exception. You need some skills to survive in the competition. For Youtube, you need good communication skills and presentation skills. And you also need to know the editing part or if you want you can hire someone to do it for you. For Blogging, you don’t need to be a good presenter but you have to be at least a writer. Here again, you can hire someone to write for you but you have to pay them. Blogging also requires to know marketing tricks, SEO tricks, social media, etc.

Time required

Online earning is all about patience and investing a good amount of time. Youtuber is now very competitive and you can’t say anything about how much time it is going to take. But, if you are consistent and passionate to do it, there is no stopping for you. It is also possible that your videos get viral any day and all you need to do is wait for that day to come. But, that is not the case with Blogging, Blogging needs time and it will grow definitely if you are doing the right thing. It may take 6 months to a year for you to start making money with Blogging.


You take anything, there is a lot of competition in every field because we are in this post-Jio phase and now more and more people are using the Internet. You cannot avoid competition but you have to do something that no one is doing. That is how you face competition, right? Do something different and unique to catch the eyes and make it a mark. Blogging also has such a huge number of people doing the same thing. There is almost a blog for seven people. You can imagine how many people are there trying to rank on Google.

Source of Earning

There are many sources of Earning for both Youtube and Blogging. Bloggers can make money with 8 different ways of making money with blogging and Youtubers too. A Youtuber earns primarily through Google Adsense, Affiliate Marketing, Sponsored videos, paid promotion, etc. And Bloggers can also use these methods and they can also charge for backlinks and guest posts.

We can add a lot of points to expand this Blogging vs Youtube but all you need to know is that Blogging is about writing and Youtube is about making videos that the basic difference. You can start either of the things obviously on which you are passionate about. So try to understand what you can do best in the long run and start doing because if you don’t start it someone else is going to do the same thing.

Take a closer look and start something instead of reading more posts like this which of course you should but the action is the must.

So, what do you think among “Blogging vs Youtube” which one is better in 2019?