8 Ways to make money with Blogging

8 Ways to make money with Blogging
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Blogging is an Ocean and there are thousands of fishes to catch in but most of the people aren’t aware of it. Making money with Blogging is quite easy but how much money you make with Blogging is more important. Here we are with eight different ways of making money with Blogging.

Before we discuss how to make money with Blogging you need to know what is Blogging?

What is Blogging?

Blogging is simply writing but it’s not that simple too. It includes hell lot of things but the main thing is your content and the CONTENT IS THE KING. So all you have to focus is on writing and everything works eventually.  In minimum words, Blogging is creating content in a textual format online and making money with it. So, in order to make money with Blogging, you have to follow a few steps like

  • Creating a website Online
  • Start Writing for your Site or hire someone to write for you
  • Optimize your Website for Search Engines
  • Make Money with it

How to Make money with Blogging

  • Google Adsense

This is the most popular way of making money online with Blogging and it works pretty fine. Google Adsense is a network of advertisements that display ads on your website and shares revenue with you. Yes, you are not fully paid for the Ads shown on your site, Google takes a part of it. But it is the simplest way and most common among Bloggers. All you have to do is Sign Up for the Adsense and place Ads on your site once you get approval. This will generate huge money if you have enough traffic on your site.

  • Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing is the most profitable way of making money online. It is not with Blogging only but in general a great way. What happens here is you become a salesperson for a brand and you are paid a commission for that. But you have to create sales first. So with Blogging you can place affiliate links of some products relevant to your site and your audience and if there is a sale you will earn a commission. You can Sign up for Amazon Affiliates one of the most trusted platform or any other of your choice and start making money.

  • Sponsored Content

This is another way that can generate huge money for the work that you are already doing. Yes, you heard it right all you have to do is Blogging and you will be paid extra for it. Sponsored Content is the content you create for a brand that will pay you for doing this. But to get Brand Sponsorships, you need to build an audience base. If you have enough traffic on your site say monthly visits of 20,000 brands will automatically approach you and pay you to write for them on your site. This is just a bonus way to make money because you have the rest of your ideas already working.

  • Selling Ad Space

If you are wondering, you already placed Google Adsense Ads on your site then this one is just an additional source of earning for you. Once your blog is popular enough to have huge traffic, brands directly approach you to place their image/banner ads on your site. You can charge any amount you want for that Ad space. To understand this let us consider an example of popular e-commerce site Amazon. If you visit Amazon Site or app you will see a lot of Banner Ads about upcoming and recent smartphones. This is how they generate huge money.

  • Guest Posting

Guest Posting is posting content on other websites. But take in this way that others want to post on your site. You can charge any amount you want to let others post on your website. But why would anyone pay you and even write for you? Basically what they would do is just redirect traffic from your site to their’s by creating a Do-Follow Backlink. This will enhance their Domain Authority and improve their website in Seach Results. There are a lot of Bloggers charging huge money for allowing others to guest post and even some people do it for free.

  • Backlinking

Guest Posting is a great way to create Do-Follow backlinks but some people just directly charge for backlinks only. It’s like YOU PAY ME AND I WILL LINK YOU. You can charge huge amounts for giving backlinks from your site to others. But here you need to be very cautious as you can earn big money but if you are linking to a malicious site, this will ruin your site’s image. So be careful while linking others, Check their website fully first. Make sure that you are not linking to an adult website.

  • Selling Products

Once your website is grown enough and has a sufficient amount of visitors on your blog, instead of displaying Ads you can sell your own product. You can sell e-books, software, courses or even any physical product too. This can generate more revenue than you can ever make by any other mean on your site. This is because you are selling your own product where you have control over all the costs and there is no marketing cost too. There are a lot of people making huge means huge money with their own products online.

  • Selling Blog

You may not like this method but you can make huge money by selling your whole blog. Yes, it’s possible you can find a suitable buyer for your site and sell them your blog. There are a lot of people who create multiple blogs and grow them. And after having a suitable Authority build and a sufficient number of visitors, they just sell their blog for an exchange of money. Selling a blog may not be a perfect idea but if you have learned how blogging works then this is the ideal situation because you can get a huge return for growing a blog. Flippa.com is an example where you can sell your site.

Blogging is not that easy but once you start making money with it you just love blogging. These are a few commonly known methods of making money with Blogging. Google Adsense and Affiliate Marketing are commonly known and practiced universally but you can also make money with rest of the methods. All you have to do is put your efforts in growing your blog and then only you can enjoy the fruit of earning. We recommend you to build an audience base and that will work for any method.

What else you know about making money with Blogging?