Final decision of YouTube channel under review for monetization.

Final decision of YouTube channel under review for monetization.
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A lot of YouTube creators across the globe are awaiting from very long time to hear the final decision taken on their channel regarding monetization

But YouTube is taking enough time, there are several creators who had completed 4000 hours of watch time on their YouTube channel as well as 1000 subscribers even more than 6 months ago  but still YouTube is saying that they have not yet taken any decision regarding monetization of few channels because we find that their content is on boundary line of our community guidelines so they had decided to do a secondary review of such channels.

Now let’s understand which kind of YouTube channels are rejected for secondary review, few examples of channels are given below

  • Those YouTube channels who are creating fake news or false informative videos and making Public fool for views and subscribers. For example there are lot of videos on politics, Ayurvedic medicines, beauty tips, education which are not fare for any video sharing platform.
  • YouTube channels which are creating videos with automated voice over on pictures slides videos or animation, in such cases where creator creativity is very less or negligible search videos or not eligible for any channel to be successfully review for monetization, where as if people are showing their faces or including their own commentary using their own voice is allowed
  • There are several YouTube channels which are using reused content in their videos for example poetry, chutkule, WhatsApp videos, prayers, Shlok common newspaper articles, book questions articles etc. If any channel is reusing such contents which are created by someone else and even if the YouTube creator is doing its creativity in unfair manners then these channels will also not be considered for eligible to be monetized
  • Getting maximum views and watch time from third party contents such as WhatsApp coma Facebook Instagram then in such cases the watch time achieved on the YouTube channel to complete 4000 hours watchtime will not be considered if the organic and natural views and watch time time r less than 60%
  • Uses of copyrighted content in videos more than YouTube fair usage policy, as we all know that on YouTube it is allowed to use third party contents such as video footage music or graphics under fair usage which tells us to use the content with less than 30% and the purpose should be very clear the allowed purposes are educational purpose, training, criticism, commentary, review and reactions. If any channel containing videos in unfairness manners will not be considered for eligible to be monetized.

Hence the final decision regarding monetization of those channels which are pending from last 6 months will be announced in the last week of December 2018 or in the first week of January 2019 once the announcement will be done YouTube and we will update this article immediately to inform the YouTube creators so please follow my YouTube channel my smart support and we subscribe and press the bell button to get notified earliest.