Google Adsense New Update for Bloggers & Web Publishers for Multiple Websites

Google Adsense New Update for Bloggers & Web Publishers for Multiple Websites
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On October 29th 2018 , Google had made a big change in its policy regarding displaying google ads on multiple websites and blogs . As we all know that prior to October 2018, if we have a fully approved google adsense account then we were allowed to place those ads code  to any other multiple websites or blogs to display ads and earn revenue. But people started  miss using it and started implementing those approved ads codes to Sammy Event blogging websites and Embedding those ads codes with third party services like Whatsapp Viral Scripts temporally for generating massive income . it was also reported that these ads were being displayed on semi adult contents in mass , Hence Google advertisers reacted t this issue and started pulling their advertisement campaign from google adwords. Hence in order to protect its advertisers and its loyal publishers this step was taken by google on 29 oct 2018.

According to this update , Now if you have any fully approved google adsense account for any particular blog or website , you are only allowed to implement those ads code on that particular website only , Suppose if you have more than one website or you are willing to monetize other blogs with google ads , then you don’t need to open any other new adsense account , just you need to g to – add sites option available on adsense dashboard and submit the full url of your new website , or blogs where you wish to place ads.

Once you submit your other websites or blogs for approval , then google will inspect your website in two expects .

1 . You need to verify the ownership of that blog or website ,By this google wants t know that you holds the editing rights or not, for this process you will be provided three different options and you can choose any one and verify the ownership.verification options are :

a: Download and upload any given web page to your root folder of website .

b: Add the given short code to the template of your webpage.

c: If you are using Godaddy Registration account , you will be asked to open oath and login with your google account & grant the asked permissions.

  1. Your Website or blog will be reviewed bt googles employee against the parameters & guidelines which are made for approval process of website and blog, if your new blog meets those all requirements then those sites will be approved and you will be allowed to implement ads code of your existing adsense account to your newly approved website and blog.

The Genuine Event blogging website will be badly effected by this new update , because event blogging websites which were create to keep in mind of upcoming big event of festivals just few weeks ago or a month ago , hence previously if you have any old adsense account people uses that codes on their event blog , but now after this update they will have to get a fresh approval.