How to Connect a Custom Domain to Blogger

How to Connect a Custom Domain to Blogger
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Here is how to connect a custom domain to Blogger on Blogspot for free and start a professional blog with Google’s Blogger.

Blogging is easy and you can make enough money if you are passionate and consistent with Blogging. But to start Blogging, you need to spend some money first. You will have to buy a domain name and a server for your blog then only you can begin it. The other way is to start it on BLOGSPOT/BLOGGER where you get only the subdomain with blogspot.com. And, if you want a custom domain you will have to buy it from Google Domains which are pretty expensive than your regular domains.

But here is a shortcut to connect a custom domain that you can buy from any Domain Registrar and link it to Blogger.  This will save your money on buying a domain as you will have to pay more money if you buy a domain from Google. Also, you do not need any hosting servers to host your content. And, if you are setting up your own website you also have to buy an SSL certificate as security is a bigger concern when it comes to ranking on Google. with this shortcut method of connecting a custom domain with Blogger you will save on:

  • Domain Prices
  • Hosting
  • SSL

So, now to connect a custom domain with Blogger you need a few things ready first like:

  1. A domain that you want to link
  2. A Blogspot blog where you want to link to and this can be created for free.

What is Blogger?

Blogger is a platform from Google where bloggers can create their blogs for free and start blogging. It is free and open to everyone. All you need is to have a Google account and you can sign up for Blogger. Here you get a subdomain with the name of your Blog and blogspot.com is the main domain added to the URL of your blog. Also, if you want to remove the blogspot.com then you can buy a custom domain from Google. thi8s is a great platform for those who love writing and want to start their own blog.

How to connect a custom domain to Blogger

1. Buy a Domain

Yes, of course, you need a domain name first and we assumed it that you already have one. But in case you don’t have a domain name you can easily buy it from Domain Registrars like Godaddy and Bigrock. It is quite easy to buy a domain and if you are buying a domain for the first time we recommend you to buy it from Godaddy where you can get it for as cheap as Rs 99.

2. Create a Blogspot BLOG

We also assumed earlier that you already have a blog but let us suppose you don’t have it. So go to Blogger.com and sign up with a Google account. If you don’t have any google account, create a new Gmail for free and Sign Up for Blogger. Now, create a new blog giving it a name probably the name that you have the domain with. Now, you have completed two most important stages here and now you can connect a custom domain with Blogger.

3. Update BLOG Address

Here are a few steps that you need to follow now. Sign in with the Blogger account and choose the Blog you want to connect to.

custom domain to blogger

  • Go to Settings
  • Select basic under settings
  • Under Publishing Choose THIRD PARTY domain setting and paste your domain there.
  • Make sure that you add www before your domain name, for example, you have a domain name as abc.com so type www.abc.com in the domain name field.

4. Connect CNAMES

Now Blogger will ask you to update some CNAMES in the DNS settings of your domain.

custom domain to blogger

  • So Log in t6o your Domain account and go to DNS Settings of the domain that you want to connect to Blogspot blog.
  • There you will find some Records where you will see some CNAMES that you can update to following.
  • Or ADD New records choose CNames and a host/label/name and a Destination/Points to/Target. make sure to two CNAMES with following details.

NameLabel or Host field         DestinationTarget or Points To field

www                                                    ghs.google.com

s74qdt3xvkak                                  gv-3t6itriszsk7ps.dv.googlehosted.com

5. Connect IP Addresses

By now your domain shall be connected to the Blogspot blog but if it doesn’t work, add these ANAMES.

  • Remember these are not CNAMES but Anames, Add four Anames and choose @ in the host section and point to following IP Addresses.

Now Save Changes in the Blogger and this shall update the URL of your blog.

This is how you can connect a custom domain to blogger. Connecting a domain custom domain is quite simple with just a domain name and free Blogspot blog. You can customize the blog the way you want wit some premium themes which are also available for free.

Tell us your difficulties while connecting a custom domain to blogger and we will reply with the solution.