How to get Free Review Units from Amazon and Flipkart

How to get Free Review Units from Amazon and Flipkart
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If you are someone who does product reviews on the internet maybe you are an influencer or a YouTuber and especially if you are making videos being a YouTuber you will obviously do then you obviously need the product. You don’t need to worry about it here is a secret way you can get free review units from the most popular e-commerce sites like Amazon and Flipkart for free.

This is a secret to get free review units from Amazon and Flipkart which no one knows but it works a hundred percent as we are telling you after successfully trying it. Firstly you need to know this why anyone will give you a review unit? Of course, they need something in return and that is a boost in sales.

Why anyone will give you free review units?

So, before applying this method make sure that there are a sufficient number of p[eoplke who are going to follow you and buy the product you are recommending them. For youtube, we recommend you to have at least 5-10 thousands of subscribers on your channel and accordingly on any platform you need an audience base first.

Let us assume that you have a sufficient number of the audience following you but now the question is how can you get free review units especially from Amazon and Flipkart. This is because if you have ever visited these sites you would know this that there is no direct contact detail of the seller. So, how to get their co0ntact details? Well! you can contact them without even having their contact details.

How to Contact a seller on Amazon and Flipkart?

It is difficult to contact someone you don’t know about and you don’t even have the contact details of them. But all these e-commerce sites allow you to ask questions about the product and post a complaint or review about the product. But don’t ask questions follow this secret method to get free review units.

free review units

Method 1 – Direct Contact

Every seller is just trying to boost their sales and if you can get them more sales why won’t they give you free units. But Amazon does not give you their contact details but they do allow you to contact their sellers for some important purpose. If you go to a seller’s profile on Amazon, there you will find contact seller option where you can send your message. Choose others option and type your message but you cannot give your email ID so you can write about your publication and if they find your publication they will surely contact you from there.

Method 2 – Buy a Product

Now you must be thinking why to buy a product because we are talking about free review units. Take it easy, it’s going to be completely free once you know the whole trick. So, all we are asking you is to buy a product from the seller you want to contact and then return it. When you return a product theses e-commerce people send back that product to the seller and here is the trick. Now, what you can do is send them a  letter with your proposal and they will contact you with the acceptance obviously if they accept it.

Double Earning

If you are able to increase their sales they are happy of course and ready to send you stuff you want and now another trick. Here is a secret that you can give their affiliate links and whenever your audience buya product you will get a commission too. But make sure that you don’t use your affiliate account while contacting the seller.

Method 3 – Social Media

Social Media is great and kind f God’s gift, no its manmade gift, jokes aside! but social media is great. Here is how because now once you know the name of a seller from their Amazon profile, you can search them on social media and it is obvious they have to have some sort of social presence in this era of the internet. Cheers, you got their social handles and now you can ask the,m for whatever product you want.

Method 4 – Self Contact

This met5hod will work a hundred percent if you are a Youtuber or blogger because everyone search about the product they want to buy and even the brands want to know what media think of their product. All we want to say is that you have to buy a product first and make a very appealing coverage of the product. And if brands find your coverage influential they will surely contact you to do more of such coverage.

Method 5 – Mail them directly

free review units

This is the perfect method but you will need their email contacts. But here is a secret, almost every corporation has a PR team to handle the media stuff and they don’t handle any of the review unit stuff but the PR team does. So, you have to contact the PR team, not the brand. But you need their contact details. And there is a secret to getting PR contacts. Just Go to and Search PR Company from there you can go to their website which will display the brands they are handling currently.

So, these are some of the tried and tested methods which helped us to get free review units from Amazon and Flipkart and even directly from the corporations and sellers. All that matters is how appealing your content is and how many people follow you. Because if there are people who will follow w your recommendations, one day or the other brands are automatically goi9ng to send you review units.

Lets us know if any of these methods help you getting free review units.