How to get your Blog Quickly approved by Google Adsense

How to get your Blog Quickly approved by Google Adsense
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Are you a Blogger? And, if you are still struggling to get Google Adsense Approval to your blog then here we are with How to get your Blog Quickly approved by Google Adsense?

Google Adsense is still one of the primary sources of earning for bloggers. And, whether you accept it or not but most of the bloggers still rely a lot on Google Adsense. It’s an Ad network by Google where you get paid for showing ads on your content.

But, the real question is how to get your Blog Quickly approved by Google Adsense? So, to get Google Adsense approved on your blog you can follow these simple steps.

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How to get your Blog Quickly approved by Google Adsense

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1. Time Required

If you search online then you will find a lot of claims that promise you AdSense approval in 24 hours. But, the real thing is that you will have to have work for at least 15-20 days.

It actually takes time to get your Blog Quickly approved by Google Adsense. You will have to have work for at least 15 days. There are plenty of videos on Youtube and tutorials online that claim to get you approval in just a few days. But, the real problem is that these tutorials just want you to get engaged with them. So, you should not trust these claims and get ready to work for at least 15 days.

2. Blogger vs WordPress

Then there is Blogger too which has the highest preference in the minds of Google. So, if you start Blogging on Blogger you are going to get a preference over WordPress site. Yes, you can get your Blog Quickly approved by Google Adsense with the Blogger.

WordPress Blogs take time to get approved by Google Adsense. Google reads your sitemaps and then it gives you approval based on your site. While on the other hand, Blogger is Google’s own product which gets integrated easily with Adsense.

3. Quality of Content

Then keeping all other things aside, the most important thing is the quality of content. People tend to ignore this part but its the most important one.

Imagine, why would Google pay you if you are not doing anything new? There are a lot of people already doing the same thing that you are about to do. So. you will have to put some sort of unique content. If it is unique and new that is not already there, you are easily going to get approval.

You should write lengthy content with absolute new information.

4. Traffic

One more thing that you should focus on is on the traffic of your blog. You should have at least 100 uniques visitors daily coming to your blog.

Imagine a situation where you are the authority paying others. Now, why would you pay someone for doing nothing? And, that is how Google gives you approval. You need to have some people visiting your blog.

Make sure that you have a few posts ranked in the search results. And, then you should also have some social traffic.

5. Bounce Rate

The bounce rate is the rate by which visitors are bouncing back from your site. Let’s suppose 10 people visited your site and instantly they press the back button this will make your bounce rate 100%.

Google does not want [people to bounce back from your site. Because this means that you have visitors but they don’t like your content. So, you need to have quality content there so as to get people engaged on your site.

You can embed youtube videos to let people spend more time on your site.


These are the points that you should consider before applying for Google Adsense. And, if you are following these things properly you will get Google Adsense Approval very quickly.

Do not trust those people claiming to get your approval in 1 or 2 days because that’s not happening. It takes time and you need to work for it.

You should write Disclaimer, Privacy Policy, About and Contact Us pages before you apply for Adsense. Also, you should create sitemaps and submit them to webmaster tools.

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Keep your content fresh and engaging and keep working for your blog. And, you will surely get your blog approved by Google Adsense