How to Do Proper Keyword Research for free in 2019

How to Do Proper Keyword Research for free in 2019
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Do you write content too often but it’s not ranking on Google? its because you are writing something that is irrelevant. You need to do some keyword research before you write anything so that every article ranks on the first page of Google.

If you are a blogger or someone who is into content marketing then you be aware of search engines and their effect on your content. You are putting in a lot of content every week or maybe every day but still, you are not driving traffic to your blog. This is because you are not writing the right thing. To get the maximum from search results you need to be there and to that, you have to do some keyword research first.

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What is Keyword Research?

This is the process of finding the right keyword that has less competition and high demand in search engines giving a decent amount of revenue. Keyword means the main word that is the core topic of your article. If you write something you need to do some research so as to find the keyword that is going to attract visitors to your blog.

So, before you begin writing about a certain topic you will have to understand the basics of doing keyword research. It is necessary so that you find the keywords first and then working on the content. You can take the help of a lot of free and paid tools available to find the right keywords.

Importance of Keyword Research

  • Keywords give you the topic to write content and have clarity and focus on writing.
  • When you have done a thorough keyword research y7ou know which keyword drive traffic and which don’t.
  • Your visibility in search engines increases as you are writing what you should be writing.
  • It helps you improve the on-page SEO of your article so that you can rank better.

Free Keyword Research Tools

keyword research

1. Google

Google itself is one of the best places to research keywords. Yes, you can find the best keywords with Google itself. All you have to do is make a list of auto-suggested keywords that Google does when you type a query.

Whenever you search something Google automatically starts suggesting a few related topics that people actually search. And, these are nothing but your keywords or related keywords that you can use in your content. And, if you are using these keywords you just got a free tool that can help you find your best keywords.


Keyword Everywhere another tool that works very fantastic as a tool to find the relevant keywords for your topic. It is a chrome extension that can be added to your browser and it will automatically help you. It works on multiple platforms including Google, Amazon, eBay, etc.

Whenever you search anything it will show you the competition and search volume with the CPC that the keyword attracts. Not only this but it also shows you related keywords and their competition and search matrics. Great! isn’t it? And, the whole thing cost nothing. It’s completely free.

3. Keyword Shitter

As the name suggests Keyword Shitter find you the keywords that are quite related. Whenever you type a keyword and click on the start button you will see multiple auto-completed keywords until you press the stop button. If you don’t stop it for a few minutes you will see at least a thousand keywords.

What it does is gives you a complete list of autocompleted keywords with every possibility. Here you get a search filter to get positive and negative segregation. You can include or exclude a particular word from the generated list of keywords.

4. Ubersuggest

Ubersuggest is the best keyword research tool that you will come across and it is quite trusted too. A popular Digital Marketer Niel Patel created this platform to help new bloggers who cannot afford Ahref or SEMRush.

When you search a keyword you get related keywords with their search matrics. It shows your competition nad difficulty with the paid and SEO Difficulty separately. You also see the CPC in your choice of currency and that ultimately helps you. You can also see SERP results to take a better look of already ranked pages.

These are some of the free tools that you can use to do a bit of keyword research and find the best keywords for your blog. Now, the question is which keyword tool you should use? Our suggestion is to have a combination of all these tools because they are free.

Firstly, you can see related keywords on Google itself and then find the remaining keywords with the help of keyword shitter. Then you can take a few keywords and find their matrics with the help of Keyword Everywhere. And before you select your final keywords you should also confirm their matrics from Ubersuggest too.

This is what you should ideally follow to do the research for your keywords.

Which of these keyword research tools have you used?