Laptop Buying Guide – How to Buy a New Laptop?

Laptop Buying Guide – How to Buy a New Laptop?
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You want to buy a laptop, but you are confused about which laptop to buy? Don’t worry we are here to help you with the laptop buying guide.

To buy a laptop firstly you need money then you need to decide what is the use of that laptop in your life?

The laptop is something you cannot stop using in 2019. We all need a computer to complete our daily tasks and it’s quite difficult to live without a computer in this modern era. And, if you are one who is confused about what to buy then here we are with a guide to buy a laptop.

It is obvious that you must have decided to buy a laptop over the desktop because there aren’t many differences in both these things. But you must know this that desktops are powerful than laptops. But some of the advantages of Laptop include portability and rechargeability.

But before we talk about buying a laptop or laptop buying guide there must be a clear difference between laptop and desktop.

Laptop vs Desktop

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  • As the name suggests, Laptop is a device that can be placed on top of your lap while the desktop or PC is to be placed on top of a desk.
  • The laptop has a rechargeable battery inside that powers the whole computing while the desktop requires a power connection separately.
  • Since the laptop is powered by a battery and can be placed on top of a lap, they are easy to carry. On the other hand, the desktop has its different components to be carried for its functionality.
  • Then there is the most important factor-price. If you are looking to buy a laptop, you need to be ready to spend huge money to get decent functionality while the desktops are much cheaper.

Now you know the basic differences between Laptop and desktop so we can go ahead with the laptop buying guide.

Laptop Buying Guide


First things first, you will have to decide how you are going to use it because that ill decide the specification of your Laptop. There are people who go for very high-end computers and what they are going to do with it is do some typing only. Then, in that case, you just need a functioning laptop. On the other hand, if you are a professional sort of person who is going to do some heavy tasks then you definitely need a high-end computer.


The requirement is the reason why anyone needs a computer but how does it function is another question. Some people go for Apple Macbooks just because they need the apple product that may not be the case for you. There are different functions you can do with the laptop. Nowadays if you are ready to spend big money then you can also get 2 in 1s and some touch supportive laptops.


Hardware is the main component of your laptop because that will decide the functionality of it. How powerful processor is there and how does it function. What is the battery capacity in there? These things matter a lot because once you buy a laptop you won’t be able to upgrade any of the hardware stuff. Things that you can change are Ram and Battery only nothing else. Also, you can add up a graphics card if you don’t have it in the first place.


Everything is fine but what if your product doesn’t look good. If you are going to spend your hard-earned money on some laptop then you must also feel confident while using it in the public. And, there comes the design aspect. Some laptops look very good but they have shitty specs but as we said all you need is a combination of both. Design of Laptop is not the first priority but it is an essential condition.


If you spending an amount somewhere around 40-50 thousand then its obvious that you would like to use it in the long run and that the basic necessity that the laptop shall have a long life. You should also check the warranty that the brand provides with the product that will give you an idea of how long you can perfectly use it.

Specifications of a laptop

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  • See to it that your laptop has a minimum of 4GB Ram or in some cases, the minimum is to be considered as 8GB as the modern applications and software require huge space. Also, you should check if you are getting DDR4 Ram or not.
  • Another thing to check is the CPU or processor of a laptop because that is the core part. And, if you are buying a basic laptop go for minimum Intel i3 or AMD Ryzen 3. Do not buy Pentium or core 2 duo laptops inn 2019. Again, you should also check the generation of processor, go for an 8th generation or at least 7th generation in Intel and 2nd generations in AMD.
  • A few more things to know are the storage of the device and which type of storage is it? Talking about storage, an SSD is always preferred but some of the manufacturers provide a combination of these in basic laptops too.
  • You should check the battery capacity and some modern connectivity supports with the quality of Display and the rest of the things are just amenities. Graphic card is to be checked if you are spending handsome money on it.


These are some of the essential points in the laptop buying guide that you must consider while buying a laptop. If you have decided on a laptop because of the portability part. Yes, portability and battery are the main reasons most of the people buy a laptop instead of a desktop. So, good luck with that but make sure that you remember the points above mentioned next time you decide to buy a laptop.

Which points you consider from the laptop buying guide is the most important?