What is MicroBlogging? Make $500 a month easily

What is MicroBlogging? Make $500 a month easily
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By now, we all are familiar with Blogging and how people make money with it. But there is something called MicroBlogging you may not be aware of. So, here we are with a plan to make money online with MicroBlogging.

Firstly the question is what is MicroBlogging? And how it is different from Blogging? So, let us first address the basic question of What is MicroBlogging?

What is MicroBlogging?

As the name suggests, MicroBlogging is a micro part of Blogging. Basically, let us consider a niche in Blogging. For example, Fashion is a niche for Blogging but there are multiple categories within fashion. So, if you are writing about Fashion you are attracting a general audience who want to know about fashion. but suppose you choose a sub-niche or the micro niche within fashion say hairstyling, you are more likely to get ranked on Google. The first thing is that you will have a less audience but they are all who want to know about hairstyling.

So, MicroBlogging is a very small micro niche with a  very limited audience but the audience is highly convertible.


It is very difficult to grow a blog in 2019 but you can grow a Microblog easily. So, if you start a Blog you target everyone who is looking for that particular niche and there are tonnes of Blog already existing in the same niche. But if you target a limited audience only with a micro niche say you write about men canvas shoes only instead of writing of Men Shoes. This will generate a limited audience only but you can make huge money with Affiliate Marketing. This is possible because the audience base that you will build is very likely to understand what you are saying them through your Blog. And, they want to know about that niche that is why they are here.

How to Start MicroBlogging?

Now, you understand what is MicroBlogging and you want to start making money with MicroBlogging. This is a plan to make $500 every month very easily. 


Here is the step by step guide to making Money with MicroBlogging:

Select a Micro Niche

In order to start a MicroBlog, you need a Micro Niche first. This is the most important part because this is all you are going to write about. To select a niche do some keyword research and find out how much audience you can build. You can use Google’s Keyword Planner or Niel Patel‘s Ubersuggest.org to know the competition and search volume in your niche. If there are at least 1000 monthly searches about the niche you are selecting, it’s well and good. Also, keep in mind that you can write at least 100 posts in your niche. Because there are micro niches where you fall short of topics to write on.

Build a Micro Niche Blog

Now you have your micro niche and you are ready to start a Blog. So what are you waiting for? Just start the Blog and writing posts. How to start a Blog? We have already covered this topic to start a Blog and make money with Blogging. You will need a Domain name, Hosting, and make a website. Post at least 25 posts first and then apply for Google AdSense.

Ways to Monetize your Blog

Firstly you have the Google Adsense to monetize your MicroBlog but the most important and the easiest way here is Affiliate Marketing. How? Well! you have a MicroBlog where the audience is very keen about the niche and they will buy whatever you suggest them. The conversion rate is very high and you are most likely to make money with Affiliate Links. Then you have your regular methods like Sponsored Content and selling the Ad space and there are 8 Different ways to make money with Blogging.


MicroBlogging is easy because this is the new trend in Blogging which is growing rapidly as Google is trying to rank posts that are niche based. And MicroBlogging is a microniche which can generate traffic that is eager to know about a topic. All you have to do is find out a micro niche with low competition and work for it. Once you put up enough content you are automatically going to rank on Google and get traffic.

All we can say is it is more advised to start MicroBlogging than Blogging in this competitive world.

What is your plan to make money with “MicroBlogging in 2019“?