10 Mircoblogging Topics that will generate huge money

10 Mircoblogging Topics that will generate huge money
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Microblogging is something getting very popular nowadays and a lot of people making money online with it. But which topic to pick for microblogging? Here we are with 10 most profitable microblogging topics.

Firstly the question is what is MicroBlogging? And how it is different from Blogging? So, let us first address the basic question of What is MicroBlogging?

What is MicroBlogging?

As the name suggests, MicroBlogging is a micro part of Blogging. Basically, let us consider a niche in Blogging. For example, Fashion is a niche for Blogging but there are multiple categories within fashion. So, if you are writing about Fashion you are attracting a general audience who want to know about fashion. but suppose you choose a sub-niche or the micro-niche within fashion say hairstyling, you are more likely to get ranked on Google. The first thing is that you will have a less audience but they are all who want to know about hairstyling.

So, MicroBlogging is a very small micro-niche with a  very limited audience but the audience is highly convertible.

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Microblogging Topics that Make Huge Money

1. Shoe Review

The shoe is something that gives a different look to an individual and there are people who are very confused about which show to buy. So, what you can do is create a micro-niche blog to help them find the perfect shoe. You can write about different types of shoes and reviews. Shoe review is just a small topic but that’s the beauty of microblogging. You will get very little traffic but those who are visiting your site will give you huge revenue from affiliate marketing. Also, the CPC on Google Adsense is very high for such a micro-niche.

2. Personal Finance

It’s easy to make money but a lot of people are not able to save their money and if you can help them save their money, you can make huge money too. You can help people on various online deals that can give you affiliate income too. Personal Finance is something where you can help people with various money-saving and money-making ideas. How to invest in another great topic.

3. Personality Development

Everyone wants to have a good physique and a good look. There are many people looking on the Internet about how to look smart and confident. You can create a blog helping people on how they can boost their morale and be confident in public. This way you can help them in their presentability and they will help by buying your affiliate products. You can help people buying the right clothes and cosmetics.

4. How to

Every now and the n we often search how to do this and how to do that. Its a normal precise of every person having access to the internet to search about things they are unable to do. You can start writing about how-to guides and help others who are looking for the right answers online. It can be about a very small topic but definitely, it will help you generate huge traffic in the long run.

5. PUBG Guides

PUBG Mobile is immensely popular among people nowadays and if you trust this or not, there are millions of people looking for guides on PUBG. If you are one has a lot of interest in gaming and playing PUBG all the time, this is time for you to start making money with your gaming skills. You can write about small tricks on PUBG and hel[p others in improving their gaming skills. Here you can make huge money with Sponsorships from the gaming industry.

6. Local Help

Every time you search something on Google, Google tries to show you results that are near to your location wise. And, this is the niche that you can take advantage of. You can start writing about your local area. Post about best hotels, best restaurants, tourist places, etc. in your local area. And, here you can get small traffic from your local area but the CPC would be very high. Also, if you are embedding affiliate links, the chances of conversion are very high because the people near you may easily trust you.

7. Interviews

Interviews are very popular among bloggers and there are many blogs on this topic, then why are we suggesting you do the same? Because we are not asking you to do the same interview stuff but instead take interviews of popular YouTubers. And, for that, you don’t even need to conduct an interview but you can watch their interviews on Youtube and create a textual format. A lot of people search for them and want to know their opinions on different aspects.

8. Mobile Photography

Good photography is something everyone loves to see but most people don’t know how to click nice pictures. Well, if you have photography skills, you can help people by sharing your knowledge and make them able to create good memories with good pictures. Mobile phones are capable of doing almost everything with their cameras. Nowadays, manufacturers allow you to shoot with even the manual mode of the camera. And, again you have the option of gOOGLE Camera. You can help people with camera tricks, lighting conditions, editing on smartphones, etc.

9. Yoga

Yoga is the great gift of our nation to the world and people have become billionaires with Yoga outside our country. Only we are the one not realizing the potential of Yoga in one’s life but now people are getting aware. And, they search about Yoga on the Internet but the problem is that there is not much content about it. So, here is an opportunity for you. You can help people teaching them Yoga and make money online. Yoga is capable of things beyond our imagination including incurable diseases.

10. Diet Plan

With Yoga, health is another trending topic nowadays and people are getting aware of the importance of health.  There are a lot of people looking to gain or lose weight. And, diet is the most important part of health. You can help people by suggesting them the right diet plans for different objectives. It could be about muscule building or losing weight. Also, you can share the affiliate links that will help you generate revenue with the blog.

These are the 10 most profitable microblogging topics that can fetch you huge money. Thesse are just our suggestion and there are many more microblogging topics out there. The secret with the microblogging is that only a few people visit such blogs but they are the one who is genuinely interested in the topic. So, you get high CPC with Adsense and as the audience is genuine then the conversion rate is very high too.

This conversion rate will help you make huge money with affiliate marketing. You can sign up for multiple affiliate networks and make money online.

Let us know your microblogging ideas in the comments below.