5 New Important Youtube Updates in May 2019

5 New Important Youtube Updates in May 2019
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Youtube is such a big platform with plenty of users that it is tough to manage such a vast number of creators and viewers. To regulate the content and content creators, Youtube keeps on updating its policies from time to time. Here again, they made a few changes in their regulations and here we are with the 5 new important youtube updates in May 2019.

New Important Youtube Updates

youtube community guidelines new policy 2019

1. Subscribers Count on Youtube Channel

Youtube shows you the number of subscribers on a channel or if the creator chooses to hide his/her subscribers, they can hide it. So, the situation either you can see subscribers count or you cannot. but now, Youtube allows creators to show their subscribers to the latest round figure. Yes, if you 10,351 subscribers on your Youtube channel, you can show the round figure of 10,000 or 10k subscribers mark.

But, note that this feature will be available to channels with more than 1000 subscribers only.

2. No Related Channels

The related channel is something you can see on a channel’s homepage in the desktop version. Basically, Youtube shows a few related channels depending upon their type of content. But now, this feature is getting shut down as there wasn’t any benefit received to any creator with this feature. This is a good step as there was utilized space which can be now used to show feature channels on youtube.

3. Community Guideline Strike for Child Abuse

youtube community guidelines new policy 2019

Abusive content and child abuse is something youtube is very strict with and they have proved it again and again. They do not want any creator to showcase hate against children by any means. so, as a creator, if you feature children in your videos by anyway and viewers give you abusive comments on your video. Here Youtube wants you to be responsible to delete or report such comments. This is not the update we have but this is the existing policy of Youtube.

Now, Youtube is getting more serious with this measure as if you are not deleting such type of comments, you will get a Community guideline strike from Youtube. if you are abig creator getting a lot of comments and it is not possible for you to read and delete every comment, then you can hire a moderator for this thing. They will allow a maximum of three warnings before striking you.

Note this, if you get three strikes at a time on your channel that will delete your channel.

4. Youtube gaming being shut down

The gaming industry is on its verge and there are a lot of creators doing Youtube gaming on Youtube. For gamers, Youtube had a Youtube gaming app to Livestream games on Youtube. But, now Youtube is shutting down the app. Actually, they have already removed the youtube gaming app from Google play store and now they are officially closing it down.

This is not because they don’t want gamers to grow on youtube but they don’t want two separate apps. They have just merged the Youtube Gaming into Youtube app itself. So, there is no need for youtube gaming now.

5. Manual Content ID Claim

Content ID is something a lot of companies were taking benefit of. Youtube has a content appeal option that works automatically. this is like if you use some sort of music in your video, Youtube automatically gives you a copyright claim for such content. This way a lot of creators lose their earnings.

Now they have updated it making it manual as now they will send you the specific duration where content has been used. So, you can delete that part or even mute it.

These are a few changes that youtube has made in this month and these are some new important youtube updates as these affect a creator. There is nothing you can do but you will be able to show a rounded figure of subscribers on your channel. And, the most important youtube update is about the Community Guidelines strike. So, you will have to make sure that comments against children are deleted from your channel.

Tell us how do moderate comments on your youtube channel?