New Verification Policy 2019 on Youtube – FAQ

New Verification Policy 2019 on Youtube – FAQ
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Are a youtuber? Probably yes, that is why you are here reading this news but its a sad one and it may affect you as well if you are a big YouTuber. It’s a Youtube New Verification Policy that will verify the channels on Youtube.

Last Night Youtube rolled out a new verification policy for Big Youtube channels. And, its bad news for those who are already verified on Youtube because this policy is going to affect them most.

Why New Verification Policy?

If you are a viewer on Youtube you must have seen a blue tick with the channel name on a few channels. That is because those channels are verified on Youtube and you may consider them as trusted channels. And, it’s a big deal to put your trust in anyone.

But it was easy to get that trust from Youtube because the only criteria for verification was to cross the 1 lakh subscribers mark. Anyone who has more than one lakh subscriber can apply for verification and they used to give them a verification badge soon.

There are a lot of Youtube channels that are verified but their content is nothing but garbage. And, now Youtube is realizing this and took an action on this thing by bringing anew verification policy which affects all the verified channels too.

Now, you know why it was necessary but what exactly is this new verification policy?

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What is New Verification Policy on Youtube?

So, the new Youtube Verification Policy is that all the verified channels on Youtube are no more verified. Their verificatio9n badges are to be canceled and from henceforth, Youtube will give verification badge based on the popularity of a Youtube Channel.

There is no criteria to apply for the verification as per the new Verification Policy. Only Youtube will decide based on your popularity. If someone popular in the real world starts his/her channel on Youtubhe they may get a verification badge right away.

You cannot apply for it and there is no counting of subscribers for the purpose.

Who can Apply for Verification?

None can apply for verification. Youtube will automatically give you a verification badge based on your popularity. It’s like other social media platforms where they look into your popularity instead of the number of followers. It will help those who are actually popular but have a less number of subscribers. And, there are a lot of people who just have numbers and not at all popular.

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Is New Verification Policy Good?

Honestly speaking, it is good for viewers and brands to identify actually good channels on Youtube. But, it is bad news for creators here. Especially for those who are not popular but have a large number of subscribers.

But, the good thing for creators is that if you are creating good content then you are deemed to be popular. So, you should not at all worry if they are taking away your verification badge. They are bound to verify you under the new verification policy because you are popular.

New Rule

Now, it has been amended and the new rule is canceled within a day. So, no one has to worry about anything because the rules are as they were. You will have to apply for a verification badge once you reach 100k subscribers mark and then they will review your channel and provide you with the badge.

Our Opinion

Honestly, it is a good policy update because some channels are misusing it. And, if you a trusted audience base then you will get it automatically. You should not worry about this policy at all.

But, the good news is that within 24 hours of this new rule they have taken stepped back and inversed it. So, now the old policy is valid.

What are your thoughts about Youtube New Verification Policy?