New Way to Earn Money on Youtube with Less Subscribers and Low Views

New Way to Earn Money on Youtube with Less Subscribers and Low Views
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There is a new way to earn money on Youtube with low views and even fewer subscribers. There is a new way and easy for everyone with fewer subscribers and with fewer views on your Youtube channel.

it’s very hard nowadays to earn money on youtube if you are into some serious content like educational oner. there are people with entertainment content making huge money but those who are trying to share some knowledge aren’t able;e to grow on Youtube. Even some people gain a lot of subscribers but they are not able to get views just because they aren’t funny enough. If you are someone like this with less amount of views then Youtube New Update is here for you to earn money on Youtube.

5 New Important updates on youtube

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This is a new way to earn Money on Youtube launching very soon.

Youtube New Update

earn money on youtube

Finally, Youtube is thinking about some serious content creators because since a long time they were just focusing on entertainers. This time they have made a new policy update with which people sharing their knowledge on Youtube can make some money even if they are not getting many views. So if you are of those creators, here is what you need to know.

So, the major change is that “if you have a Join Button on your channel and people take the membership of your channel, you will be able to create exclusive content for the member of your channel”,

All this means that as a viewer if you take membership of a particular channel you will get access to some exclusive content on that channel. If you are wondering why this would happen then when you take membership of a channel you have to pay Rs 159/month so as to be the member of a particular channel. And, this revenue would motivate the creator to make the content for those who are true followers of his/her channel.

New Way to Earn Money

earn money on youtube

So, the thing is you already have the Joun button on your channel but what are you making use of it. Those who pay you Rs 159 every month are the member of your channel. And, this thing was not that useful; for those who are paying the money but now you can announce your channel that you will be making some exclusive content for your member about a certain topic which can get you more members. This way you can make more money even with lesser viewers on your channel.

This update will give you an added source of revenue to you and work as a motivation for you to create new and unique content. Suppose you are about to launch a new course so now you can create the whole course and make it available to your members. This will give them some education and revenue to you.

This new way to earn money will make it comparable with some other websites like Udemy and Patreon. Udemy is a very similar sort of website but it works on the form of paid content where you can buy a particular course. There is no membership program on Udemy but the concept is of paid content. However, Patreon is something you can take the paid subscription for some content access.

Member Only Livestream

There is also a new policy update for members only. yes, with this a creator will be able to live stream with their members only. You can do a live QnA or do something like live lectures etc. It’s very difficult to reply to everyone if you have a certain number of viewers asking you live questions. But with Member-only li8vestream, you can reply to every member watching you.

How to Get Join Button?

To get the Join Button on Youtube the basic criteria is to have at least 30000 subscribers on Youtube. If you have 30000 subscribers on your channel then you are eligible the Membership program and people can join this feature and you can make money.

For gaming channels, the criteria are of only 1000 subscribers.

This is what Youtube is about to do for those who are making educational rather useful videos but not getting enough exposure. They will be able to get support from their loyal subscribers and make money on Youtube.

What do you think will it be useful for creators and viewers or not?