How to Buy the Perfect Smartphone? Smartphone Buying Guide

How to Buy the Perfect Smartphone? Smartphone Buying Guide
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Are you looking to buy a smartphone but you are confused about things to see in y7our smartphone? Here we are with the smartphone buying guide to help you buy a perfect smartphone.

The points that you must consider while buying a phone are your budget and requirement and what are the features you are looking for in a phone.

Nowadays almost every day a new smartphone is getting launched and its quite difficult to decide on which phone to buy? But if you are about to buy a smartphone, then you must ask yourself if you really need a smartphone. And if you really need a phone then ask again why do you need a phone?

If you know why you need a smartphone then here we are with the smartphone guide that will assist you in buying a phone. We are not laying down a list that will tell you best smartphone or something of the sort. But instead, we are just helping you on deciding which smartphone is best for you. And, only you will decide the best phone for yourself.


Smartphone Buying Guide

perfect smartphone

If you are looking to buy a perfect smartphone, well you can easily buy it while considering the following points.


the first thing that you will think of is your budget that means how much money you are actually going to spend on buying a new phone. This is very much necessary because this is what give you the options in your budget, And, there are certain questions on deciding budget too. Budget will depend upon an individual’s income and the amount of money he/she is actually ready to spend on a phone.


Now you have decided on your budget and with the given budget you will get a few options but the options will depend on your requirement. This is for what purpose you need a phone meaning how are you going to use it. It is very subjective because every person has his own requirement and it cannot be generalized. Some people look for a camera phone while others just want it for gaming purpose. So, you need to decide and think of the requirement.


Once you have decided your budget and you know how are you going your smartphone then you can look for features that you want. Some people want a big screen while some may look for a small to medium size screen. A few people want a huge battery life and fast charging too. This is totally up to the individual who is looking for a phone.  Nowadays smartphones have high-end features even in the budget segment. Only you can decide what features you want on your phone.


It’s a modern practice that everyone wants a camera smartphone and manufacturers are very much knowing this because every now and then high-end camera phones are getting launched. This is because of the change in the general tendency among people with the growth of social media. Everyone is always ready to click a picture and share it with their followers. So, whether you accept it or not but you are looking for a camera phone. And, there is no hesitation on that part because smartphones are just about to replace cameras totally.


And, there comes the safety aspect considering the life of a phone. While buying a smartphone, you also need to check and verify the life span of a smartphone. See to it what is the warranty period covered by the manufacturer and also for how much period are they going to provide updates and security patches. If you are about to spend your hard-earned money this is your responsibility that you check the life of your product.

Specifications to look for

perfect smartphone

Now you know what are the things you need to consider while buying a perfect smartphone but the problem is you will not get a custom-made phone. Som you will have to buy a phone from the available options. So, these are specifications that you should look ina smartphone.

  • First things first all that matters is the design of the smartphone. Some people like notched design some want the popup mechanism but that’s totally up to you. So, choose a modern design so that after 2 years it does not become obsolete.
  • Then the hardware is the most important aspect. You need to look for a powerful processor, minimum 3/4GB of Ram.
  • You should also check the software aspect as most of the smartphones are working on Android’s latest version but manufacturers provide their own version of custom UI. These UIs look quite good but the problem is that these become bulky and laggy. Even some manufacturers embed Ads too.
  • And, one more important thing you should check is the battery capacity and camera of the smartphone. It doesn’t matter what is the megapixel number as soon as you get good images.


These are some of the points that you must consider while buying a phone and you know it better why you want a phone. So, it’s your turn to write down the points that make it necessary for you to buy a smartphone and then look for the phone in the market. Now, you must be knowing that there is nothing like a perfect smartphone because it is a very subjective term. You may call something perfect and the other guy will;l call it very different.


Only you have the ability to decide which one is your perfect smartphone.

Which one is your favorite phone currently available in the market?