10 Awesome New Ways to Promote your Blog Online

10 Awesome New Ways to Promote your Blog Online
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You can promote your blog on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Quora, Pinterest, Google Ads, etc. and tonnes of online platforms available for free and some paid sources too.

We said it several times that you can create a blog for as cheap as free and let’s say you didn’t listen to us and created a professional blog spending thousands of money but still, you are not getting traffic to your blog, why?

You are posting well-written blog almost every day that is perfect in every sense but still blogging is not working for you, why? Have you ever wondered about this?

The main reason here is that you are not doing the marketing part. Yes, you read it right MARKETING and it is a very important aspect of blogging. Because blogging won’t work alone if you are not working on the marketing of your blog. Take an example this is like the packaging of a product. No matter how compelling content you write but if it’s not reaching to the masses, it’s worthless.

And now, there must be an obvious question to your mind that marketing is very expensive and how can I do it single-handedly? But here is the answer to your question – it’s FREE! Yes, Marketing of your blog is completely free and anyone can do it single-handedly. Here we are with 10 ways to promote your blog on the Internet.

How to Promote Your Blog

1. Facebook

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Facebook is the most popular social media platforms right now and almost every person has more than one account on Facebook. Of course, we are talking about those people, only who have access to the INTERNET. While this could be somewhat shocking that people are spending more time on social media but it is an opportunity for people like you and us who are into blogging.

You can post your blogs on facebook using the hashtag that is trending and is relevant to your topic. There are people who search for the content using the hashtag filter and this will definitely increase your reach. Then we have groups on facebook having only people who are interested in a particular topic. All you need to do is join a group on Facebook relevant to your topic and start helping people with their problems. And, if you are helping others, they are definitely going to follow your links when you post them.

Then you can also use paid ads with facebook page. The easiest way to grow a Facebook page is by posting some viral videos.

2. Twitter

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Twitter is another part of Social Media and the good thing is that most of the people are looking for a certain type of topics. There are hashtags that are very popular and it’s easy to locate a topic getting trending. Twitter itself shows some trending topics and you can find the topic for your blog.

All you need to do is just start posting something related to your blog and use relevant hashtags. This will help you build some audience and then you can drive that audience to your blog. But something special about Twitter is that people on twitter are genuine people looking for genuine content. Not like Facebook where you will have to convince them to visit your blog while those on Twitter are actually looking to visit your blog.

3. Linkedin

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Linkedin is a platform people use to post jobs and to find jobs. But if you are not aware there is also an option to post blogs in the community. People can follow a certain type of topics and also there is an option to use hashtags.

So, the ideal scenario is that you start posting some content on Linkedin and use a certain type of hashtags that represent your topic. Then if people are searching a particular topic or even if they click on the hashtag that you have used will make your content appear in front of them. And, the good thing about Linkedin is the people using it are intelligent one and are truly professional. So, if you are getting some sort of loyal audience to your blog, it’s perfect then.

4. Pinterest

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Pinterest is what people use to post images and search images. This basically means pictures of interest and that’s all people do on Pinterest. But if you are not aware, there is the option to quote your picture. Yes, you can write a description of the picture you post there. And, you can also put links to the description.

Let’s say if someone is searching for best hairstyle in 2019 and you are the one posted image with the same title and then you have also given a link to your blog. This will generate tremendous traffic that is interested in your blog. What else you need?

It seems like weird but if you use Pinterest perfectly, you can generate hell lot of traffic with it.

5. Quora

make money with quora

Quora is something used as Question and answer platform but the best thing about Quora is that they have a huge amount of people using their platform. And, the platform that has huge traffic is the ideal place for bloggers.

Quora allows you to ask questions and post answers to questions asked by others. You can also write blogs on Quora. But what we are saying is that you can use it to drive some interesting traffic to your blog.  But the problem is that if you keep posting a link of your blog in every Quora answer they are surely going to block you. So here is the ideal plan.

All you need to do is start answering some questions asked by others and after every 5-10 questions you can post a link to the answer and they won’t do anything to your Quora profile. Also, if just keep helping people by answering their questions, you will gain some followers and those followers can turn into your loyal visitors to your blog. This is how you promote your blog ideally.

6. Reddit

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Another way to promote your blog is via Reddit. Reddit is also the platform where people can post blogs, links, and pictures and with any of these, you can directly insert a link.

There are a lot of people searching for new and new content on Reddit and if you are able to put some new and fresh content they are surely going to follow you. And, if anyone is following you by putting their faith in you they believe in what you say. This will get the traffic that you actually on your blog.

7. Emails

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People say that email marketing is dead but it’s still working very fine and there are tonnes and tonnes of people generating a lot of traffic with it. If you follow it very carefully and use it in your favor you can generate actual traffic from email marketing.

Now the question is how to get emails to send them to your posts. One way to collect emails is by asking people themselves to give you their emails. No directly but if you give them something for free that does not cost you anything then they are surely going to give you their emails. All you need is to send them your posts in such a way that they should feel the worth of reading it. This way you can surely promote your blog to a large audience.

8. Search Engine Optimization

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SEO or Search Engine Optimization is the biggest way to promote your blog and in fact, you don’t have to promote your blog but just optimize it for the search engines.

What would you do if you are looking to know about something, you will search it on Google. And, Google is what we are talking about here. Search Engines have some type of algorithm that helps you rank your content. You may feel like its a long and expensive process but it isn’t. All you need to do is follow some tactics and it will help you get ranked better on search results.

What is Search Engine Optimization?

9. Paid Promotion

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Well, we have said so far that you can promote your blog for free but added to it if you are also using the paid promotion that would be awesome!

So, paid promotion is not about money yes it involves money but above that, if you are not doing it properly you are simply throwing your money into the garbage. To, use it properly you will have to learn about how people search and what are their search preferences. This is a way to promote your blog but first learning it is better. You can do it using the Google Ads, Facebook Ads or any platform.

10. Online Community

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Everything we said so far about how you can promote your blog will work only when you build an online community.

So, first, all you need to do is build a community. No matter which platform is your target but think about building a community first. And, how you build a community is by giving some genuine content and helping people. Not only above mentioned platforms but there are plenty of online communities. You can use Disqus, Medium, Ghost, Medium, Blogger and many more to build an online community.

This is how you promote your blog by building a community on the Internet. All you need to do is start helping people online on platforms like Facebook groups, Quora questions, Reddit and every other platform. Slowly slowly, you will build a community that will become your loyal fanbase.

And, this fanbase will follow you wherever you go. So, make sure that you start helping people and then they will help you by visiting your blog.

Did you follow any of these methods to promote your blog? Let us know in the comments below.