SEO for Beginners: How to Rank on Google in 2019

SEO for Beginners: How to Rank on Google in 2019
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Since you have created a Blog and posted a lot of content on the website but you are not getting visitors on your site. This is because your website is not ranking on Google. Here we are with the beginners guide for SEO i.e. Search Engine Optimizations. This will help you rank number one on Google and generate huge traffic to your Blog.

It is easy to create a website and post content thereon. But it is much more difficult to generate traffic. There are people who write only one post a week or even less and generating more traffic than you get by writing 3-4 posts daily. This is because they know how to rank on Google and get web traffic. If you learn SEO you can focus more on promoting your content and generate traffic to your website. Well! Don’t worry, we are here to help you how to rank on Google? But this is just the beginners’ guide for SEO in 2019.

What is SEO?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization and as the name suggests it means optimizing for Search Engine. Google, Bing, and Yahoo are some of the popular search engines. Let us understand this with an example. Suppose you search for “Best Laptop under 50000”, Google shows you some results and you click on the first or second link. This is because the creator has optimized his content for this keyword that is why you are seeing such a result. In simple terms, SEO is getting listed in the top on a Search engine for a particular keyword. If you rank on the first page or in the first five results, people are more likely to visit your Blog.

How to Rank on Google?

If you follow these simple tricks you will be able to rank number one on Google. These are some tried and tested methods that actually work. In order to rank on Google, you need to follow these methods:

SSL Certification

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If you are looking for a website, you prefer a website that is more secure, the same goes for even your website. Everyone wants to visit a secure website and Google also wants to list a website which is secured. You can make your website secure by activating SSL certificate on your site. You will get SSL  with your hosting plan. Some hosting providers like Bluehost provide SSL for free with their annual plans. If you are looking to buy a hosting plan you can opt for Bluehost and if you are not able to buy an SSL certificate. Don’t worry there is a website called Cloudflare from where you can get SSL for free on your website. This will convert your website into HTTPS.

Mobile Friendly

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Nowadays, seventy percent of the data is consumed from Mobile. People search from their mobile phones because they are on the go and everyone has their phones all the time. If you search from Mobile Google shows you the results that are mobile friendly. To make your website Mobile Friendly, you can install a plugin called AMP. Basically, AMP stands for Accelerated Mobile Pages and Google shows only AMP sites when searched from a phone. So, make sure that you have AMP enabled on your site.


Sitemaps are the XML maps of your website. This is just a kind of map of your website and web pages on the site. Firstly, you have to create a sitemap for your site and submit it to Google Webmaster. This helps you in ranking your website because Google knows the content that you are publishing. To create Sitemaps, you can use Google XML plugin and submit it to Webmaster. It is advised to create a dedicated Sitemap Page and post your sitemaps their too.

Keyword Research

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It is easy to rank on Google but to rank, you need the right keywords that are searched. It is possible that your website is ranking but still you are not getting traffic. This is because the keywords you are ranked on are not being searched. To find a keyword with high search volume and low competition you can install a Chrome Extension Keywords Everywhere that shows you Search Volume and Competition. There are a lot of free keyword tools like Keyword Shitter, Keyword Everywhere, Google Keyword Planner, Ubersuggest etc.

Page Load Time

Who wants to visit a slow loading website? Google ranks a website that is fast loading. Suppose the website ranking on number one has more load time than number two, Google is more likely to rank it number one. You can check your site’s page load time in Pingdom. To reduce the load time use an AMP Plugin, fast hosting service, Optimized Images, minify CSS etc.

Long Tail Keywords

Now you know that you need keywords with high search volume and low competition but still, you may not be able to rank. This is because if a website with higher authority posts the same content, they will rank high. Now, the easy way is to rank for Long Tail keywords. For example, it is difficult to rank for the keyword “BEST MOBILE PHONES” but there are chances that you can rank for “BEST MOBILE PHONES UNDER 15000 RUPEES IN INDIA IN 2019” This is an example of a Long tail keyword. This will help you rank better on search results.

Social Shares

One more factor that Google Considers in ranking your posts is how many people are sharing your content socially. Here, people take Facebook as an example of Social Media but it is not limited to Facebook Only. Make it a common practice to share your posts on every platform like Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Google Plus, Reddit, Quora, Pinterest etc. You can ask others to share your posts on their profile. This will help you rank better

Link Building

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Everyone says CONTENT IS THE KING but Link Building is the Queen there. It is the process of getting more number of Do Follow backlinks from reputed websites. Backlinks meaning the number of websites linking to your site meaning they trust you. If a well-reputed site links to you, your chances of ranking are more. You can ask for other Bloggers in your niche to link you. Some may do it for free, some may ask for something in return like a backlink, Guest Post or money.

On Page Optimization

This is the main thing considering the CONTENT being the king and if your content is well optimized this will automatically rank you as the time passes. Firstly, keep your content fresh and updated, and try to post something unique. Avoid Grammer mistakes and use simple language including more of active voice sentences. Install the Grammarly Extension for Chrome Browser to avoid grammar mistakes. Use Heading, Sub-heading and title showcasing your Keyword. Use your keyword 5-6 times in the post and use a few images to keep the content engaging. Even if you are ranked on Google, people click on a post by seeing the title and descrip[tion, So use attractive Title and description.

Recommended Plugins

If you are following our methods to rank on Google, we also recommend you to install a few plugins on WordPress like

  • Yoast SEO – To get SEO Guides
  • Google XML – To Generate sitemaps
  • W3 Total Cache – Cleaning cache data
  • AMP – To enable AMP version
  • facebook Comments – To allow comments through facebook
  • MailChimp Newsletter – To collect Newsletter signups
  • Social Share – To let people share your content socially
  • Smush – To optimize your images on site
  • Google Analytics – To get the analytics of your site
  • Easy Table of Content – Create the table of content etc.


These are a few Basic SEO Guides for Beginners that can help you rank better on Google. Try to reduce your page load time and optimize your site for Mobile Devices. If you have a well-optimized website then all you have to focus is on your On-Page SEO and eventually, you will start ranking. Do not forget to share your content on Social Media after publishing it.

Are you able to rank on Google?