Step by Step Guide to Create a Perfect Youtube Video

Step by Step Guide to Create a Perfect Youtube Video
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How to start a Youtube channel and start making money with step by step guide of producing a youtube video for your Youtube channel. Set up the camera and start shooting your first video, get it published on your channel.

We said it a million times that it’s easy to create a youtube channel and make money but how easy it is?

It’s easy to create a channel and even create a video but how about a perfect youtube video? Yeah! even it is quite easy to create a perfect video with perfect audio, perfect lights and even the perfect editing. There are a lot of people just recording high-quality videos with their smartphone only and making millions of dollars. The time is gone when people used to watch any kind of video but nowadays they want better quality. Everyone is looking for good quality video without compromising the quality of content.

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So, here we are with the Step by step guide to create a perfect youtube video for your Youtube channel.

How to Create a Perfect Youtube video

What we did is divided the whole process into three stages viz. pre-production, production, and post-production stages.

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I. Pre-Production

youtube video

1. Idea

The first thing is to have the idea of creating a video. You need to think about it before you do anything. And, how will you get an idea of creating a video? You need to be updated with the industry you are working in, start reading blogs, listen to some podcasts and watch other videos. The idea is something that will motivate you to work for the whole time. I9t seems like just a mental process but remember this is what that will cause you to work for the whole time. So, make sure that you take care of a few points while working for your idea like:

  • Innovative
  • Unique
  • Reliable
  • Easy to execute
  • Motivating

2. Scripting

Once you have an idea, for example, let’s say you are creating a video on how to train your dog then let us go ahead with scripting. Scripting isn’t the part where you just start writing every line that you speak in the video. Some people even do that but if you are trying to be cent percent perfect then even you must do that. But what we are saying is pick up a pen and start writing a few things that you have thought of. It’s just putting your thoughts on paper and keeping it for reference when you are creating the video.

3. Rehearsal

Now, you have the topic of your video and you also wrote down the points that you are going to talk about in the video. After this, there is an important part called rehearsal where you just start speaking the way you are going to speak in the video. It’s like talking to the camera without the camera. It’s a good habit to get your things out of your mouth before you actually deliver them in front of the camera to your actual audience. here you become your own audience and its a good thing when you also listen to your own voice.

4. Presentability

Some people just have an idea of creating a video and start talking to the camera but let’s say everything is good but what if you don’t look that good. We are not criticizing that you don’t look good but it’s like you should be professional here. You need to wash your face and set your hairs before you go in front of the camera. Also, its good to wear clean clothes and when you look good it makes your mood good.

II. Production

youtube video

This is the actual production part where you are creating the video. You have your idea, the points that you are talking about and also now you are presentable enough for the camera.

Camera & Lights

This is the most important part of the whole process because here is how you are going to shoot the content. It’s good to have a camera and shoot professionally but nowadays smartphone cameras are so powerful and are capable of creating amazing quality videos. But if you are shooting with a smartphone then light becomes the most important aspect as you will get blurry footage if you are not having proper lights. It is advised to set your camera where you have natural lighting from the window or go outside.

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If you are having a proper camera then make sure that you have proper settings too otherwise it won’t benefit you that much. Or you can set it up to auto mode and start shooting with a click only.


Some people buy high-end cameras and lights but they ignore the audio part. Remember this that nobody is going to see if they are not able to hear you properly. If you are shooting with your phone then consider this that built-in mic is not going to work for you. You will need to spend a few bucks on your mic and get the best audio possible. Also, you can use a headphone that has a mic or record your audio separately and then sync it in the post-production part.

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III. Post-Production

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Now, let us come to the post-production part which is the most essential one because now you have the footage ready but the magic is about to happen. Yes, Video editing is like magic and you can do almost everything you want here. If you are just starting out then Wondershare Filmora is the best Video Editor out there and there are some professional and semi-professional video editors that you can try out.

Here you can edit out the unnecessary part where you have taken a pause or some outside disturbances is there. You can remove the green screen and do the color-grading. Another important part is to sync the audio with video if you have recorded both these separately.

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This is like an ideal way of creating a simple Youtube video and if you want you can follow this step by step guide to create a Youtube video that will help you get more traffic. If the content is good, you are about to get more watch time and that is how the basic youtube algorithm works.

So, start creating awesome content for your channel and remember limited resources does not affect the quality of your content, it is you and your skills that affect it.

Let us know in the comments, your ideal way of creating a video.