10 Must Have WordPress Plugins August 2019

10 Must Have WordPress Plugins August 2019
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Do you find it difficult to make a certain change in your WordPress website? If you are finding it difficult, you have a WordPress Plugin to do almost everything. Here we are with 10 Must-Have WordPress Plugins in 2019.

WordPress is the one platform that has most of the websites on it that are because of its free and open-source right? No, because it is the best and absolute top in the industry. You can do almost everything that you want to do without knowing a single word of coding. If you are a beginner who just created a website then you must install these 10 must-have WordPress Plugins first.

Must-Have WordPress Plugins

1. Yoast SEO

Yoast SEO is the only plugin that you need for the complete SEO of your WordPress website. It does everything that you should be doing. You can create sitemaps with Yoast, add meta title, tags, and description, etc. Every time you start writing a new post, Yoast tells you how you should improve your readability and SEO with every point. It tells you where you have long paragraphs? where you repeated some words or sentences,? What is the problem with the keyword density? Did you add external links to your post? All these questions are answered by Yoast.

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2. AMP

Do you know this that you won’t be able to rank on Google if your website is not mobile-friendly? Yes, Google made it very clear that your site has to be mobile optimized. And all you need to do is install a plugin and yes now your website is optimized for mobile devices. This plugin will make your job very easy by converting your site into a mobile version when accessed via mobile. What are you waiting to get it installed and activated immediately?

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3. Facebook Comments

Don’t you feel sad when people are visiting your website but not getting engaged with your content or at least not showing their engagement, ent? This is because they don’t want to share their information. But what if they can simply leave their comment without filling any data. Well, you can do that by using a plugin called Facebook comments. It allows your visitors to comments just by logging in through their Facebook account. It does not collect any information and allows them to comment easily.

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4. Google Analytics

It’s difficult to keep track of your website and know the analytics.  Well, you can get all the analytics of your website in your Google Analytics account if you link it with your website. But it’s a tedious job to go to the Analytics website separately. But, the solution is this plugin which is a must-have WordPress plugin giving you the analytics within your WordPress dashboard. All you have to do is authorize it.

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5. Classic Editor

If you have just installed the WordPress and starting your journey with WordPress then you may like the new WordPress design. But those who are into it for a long time find it difficult. The Gutenberg mode looks a bit complicated. So, you can install a WordPress plugin called Classic Editor to get the old and better Dashboard. The classic mode looks interesting and has everything organized very well.

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6. Contact Form 7

Imagine your website is doing very good and you are getting a tonne of traffic from search engines. And, the is someone who just wants to do a partnership with you. And, they are not able to find your contact details on your website. Maybe you haven’t provided it or it’s just not easily visible? But, don’t worry, you can install this plugin and create a contact form simply using which anyone can contact you. You can place this contact form anywhere and you will get an email whenever someone fills a form.

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7. Reduce Bounce Rate

If you are wondering what is bounce rate then it is the rate by which your visitors are bouncing back. Imagine if someone visits your website and then press the back button. Its bad signal for you and search engines. So, to solve this you can use this plugin Reduce Bounce Rate which reduces the bounce rate. Actually nothing like that but yes it helps to maintain the bounce rate.

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8. Onesignal Push Notifications

Before we go ahead, can you answer this question? How many of your site visitors visit again? Well if you use this plugin you can get back your visitors on your website. Onesignal is a platform that allows you to send browser notifications and its totally free. You can install this plugin and start sending browser notifications. And, the good thing is that it all happens automatically. Whenever you publish a new post it will automatically send a notification to all subscribers.

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9. All in One Migration

All in one migration is about migrating your website. There are times when you want to change your hosting company and you find it difficult. Well, you can convert your whole website into a file and which can be uploaded again to your new website. Now, you will get your site as it is. It is also very helpful to keep the backup of your website which can be restored by uploading the backup file only.

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10. Woocommerce

Now, this is not the plugin that everyone must have but those who are looking to build an e-commerce store. It allows you to add or remove products anytime and with the option of payment gateway and shopping cart. You can manage your whole e-commerce store here. If you are looking to sell any product online then you must consider installing the Woocommerce plugin.

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These are some of the must-have WordPress plugins that will enhance your productivity and optimization of your website. This list is not a general rule but we find these must-have WordPress plugins very useful. You can install these plugins to make your job easy. Yoast SEO and AMP are must-have WordPress plugins and we highly recommend to use them

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Now you tell us your favorite WordPress plugins from the list?