Youtube New Community Guideline Strike Policy 2019

Youtube New Community Guideline Strike Policy 2019
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Youtube is a big Player when it comes to making money online. You can easily make money on Youtube once you build an audience base. But you have to be very careful of the Youtube Guidelines and rules. There are many policies you may not be aware of but Youtube always keeps om changing these rules and regulations. Here we are with the new community guideline strike policy 2019

Similarly, Youtube has updated its Community Guidelines Policy and made some significant changes. Youtube’s Community Guidelines are the policies that regulate video content on the platform.

Youtube New Policies

1. Bonus Violation

Previously, there was the rule that if you voilate Youtube’s Community Guidelines Policy, you get a strike on your channel and your Live Streaming feature is disabled for the period of 90 Days.

youtube community guidelines new policy 2019

Now, Youtube has updated this policy and will waive your first mistake. If you voilate the Community Guidelines Policy for the first time, Youtube takes it as a trial and allows you to continue as a normal channel. Remember this that this rule will be applicable from February 25 and is allowed only once in the lifetime of a Youtube Channel.

This rule is to liberalise the policy of Community Guidelines and Youtube sends you an alert of it. If your channel voilates the policy after this waiver, you will have to face the consequences as earlier.

Note this that if you violate Community Guidelines for the second time after, this waiver that will be considered as your first time and will remain as the normal strike.

2. More Strict Policy

With the first policy, Youtube is trying to liberalize the policy but then again we are at the same level. This is like trading in hand in hand. Youtube liberalized the policy by giving the first violation as a waiver.

youtube community guidelines new policy 2019

But, here in this amendment, they made it more difficult. If you violate the Community Guidelines policy after the first waiver your Video Upload feature will be restrained for a week. That means you will not be able to upload videos on your channel for one week. And, if you get two strikes straight this will disable the uploading for two weeks and the third one will terminate your channel.

3. Community Guidelines are Universal

Now Community Guideline Policies are more Universal within youtube. Since Youtube has added many features in past few years, they have the policy too. Now the Community Guidelines policy applies to your Youtube Stories and Community Posts too.

This is not restricted to this but applies to your Thumbnails, Description, and even links posted in the description area of your videos.

So, these are a few updates or ammendments to the Youtube Community Guidelines Policy and pay special attention to these policies. These policies are applicable from February 25, 2019. These New Community Guidelines Policies seem fair as these are justifiable and are about the content on Youtube.

Did you ever get a Community Guideline Strike? If yes, When and for what?